E-Cigarettes and Vapor Pens are being Misused for Smoking Marijuana

First Posted: Oct 15, 2013 10:12 AM EDT

E-cigarettes and vapor pens, which were devised to substitute the ordinary cigarettes and cigars, are being misused for smoking marijuana.

A lifelong marijuana smoker confessed smoking it using an e-cigarette on a train.

"I was on the train from New York to Baltimore and I enjoyed the pen the whole way there and back with no one noticing," a life-long marijuana user said in a NBC New York report.

"I absolutely was thinking 'This is not bad at all'," he added.

People are misusing e-cigarettes for smoking marijuana and other drugs instead of nicotine; this has a great chance of tempting minors to do the same. There are various tutorials available on the internet about how to use e-cigarettes and vapor pens for smoking other things.

It is difficult to detect what exactly is being stuffed in an e-cigarette. What is worse, due to their wide availability they are being used by around 1.8 million middle and high school students with nobody the wiser as to what exactly they are smoking.

This has become a serious cause of concern for parents and officials. Though 160,000 students claimed using only e-cigarettes and not the other cigarette, their health might still be getting affected as the true impact of e-cigarettes is still unclear, according to CDC.

"Marijuana is still widely smoked in its flower form, but this is a new way," said Bobby Black, senior editor of the New York-based marijuana lifestyle magazine, High Times.

"The younger generation is embracing it the same way rock and roll was around and then it was replaced by heavy metal," Black added.

There are cities like New York and New Jersey where one must be 18-years-old or above in age to be able to purchase an e-cigarette. But there are other cities with no age limit on purchasing the devise.

"I care a lot about it. For young people, marijuana is a gateway. The next thing you know they're doing acid, molly, even heroin. I don't like it that people are giving it a pass," said Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, who heads the Narcotics Unit for the Nassau County Police Department.

The FDA is discussed banning online sales of e-cigarettes as it has become very popular among the youngsters but the plan did not get implemented yet, according to a report. New rules and regulations by the FDA are expected by the end of this month.

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