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'Sexercise': Having Sex Can Make You Burn As Much Calories As Running

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First Posted: Oct 10, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Who would have thought that simple everyday activities can actually make you burn calories? Experts claim that 10 minutes of laughing can burn off 50 calories while brushing your teeth for 2 minutes would cause you to burn 5.7 calories. Now, a new research from the University of Montreal revealed that an average sex session burns as many calories as swimming vigorously for 20 minutes.

According to Glamour Health, Khloe Kardashian said that she has found a new and enjoyable way to lose her calories, an alternative form of exercise, or is it sexercise? "I'm all about having fun with fitness and it's the best way to stay motivated to work out. I had my team put together a list of sex positions that burn the most calories, because what's more fun than getting down??? LOL," she wrote on her website. She claimed that 15 minutes of being in a missionary position burns 40 calories, though she admittedly said that she is not a fan of the position herself.

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In a report by IFL Science, sex is considered the most enjoyable type of exercise and can also burn a handful of calories. A study, buried in a study about obesity in the New England Journal of Medicine, has observed that a man in his early-to-mid 30s doing the average length of sexual activity (6 minutes) would burn off at least 21 calories. However, the figure is only a rough estimate of a person's rate of metabolism during sex.

The study asked 21 coupled to wear Fitbit-like devices the whole time during the act to determine how much calories having sex can actually burn. They also ran on a treadmill for 30 minutes to compare sexercise to an actual exercise. Antony Karelis, a professor of exercise science at the University of Quebec at Montreal who recently conducted a study on the same topic, Kardashian's numbers aren't too far off.

Although he didn't concentrate on the different positions, he found that generally, women can multiply the amount of time they spend having sex by 3.1 to find out how many calories it burns. It was also revealed that sex on average lasts 25 minutes from the start of foreplay to the end which burns 69 calories for women and 100 for men.

Findings showed that for men, running at an average pace burned twice over the calories per minute which totaled to 276. But when asked which was more pleasurable, crushing the treadmill or doing the "deed", 100 percent of men said sex.

"The level of intensity that is exerted from sexual activity could be higher than that of walking at [3 miles per hour] but less than that of jogging at [5 miles per hour]," the researchers write in the study, which was published in the journal PLOS ONE. "Taken together, these results suggest that sexual activity may potentially be considered, at times, as a significant exercise," Men's Health reported.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that 10 to 30 percent of the body's total energy is used up during sex. Which simply means that the more muscles you have, the more energy they require to be used, and the more you need to respire, the more energy you'll use up. So if you particularly engaged in a spirited sex for longer, and you're already particularly bulked, you'll burn up more calories.

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