The Math And Physics Of Time Travel Theory Elucidated; Scientists Validate The Possibility Of Time Machine Invention

First Posted: Apr 28, 2017 05:10 AM EDT

Many consider time travel theory to be a hoax. Since no one from the real world has actually built or traveled in a time machine, the very concept of it remains elusive. Recently, Ben Tippett, an instructor of mathematics and physics at the Okanagan campus, University Of British Columbia, has deduced a mathematical model that can be used for time machine invention.

Tippett used complex mathematical equations and Einstein's theory of general relativity to accomplish this complicated task. This is the first instance where the concept of time travel has been represented as something more than just a hypothesis, EurekAlert reported.

When Albert Einstein proposed the theory of general relativity, he also stated that the gravitational fields are nothing but distortions in the "fabric of space and time." This proposition was later confirmed by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, after an international team of physicists and researchers detected gravitational waves. Further analysis of these gravitational waves indicated that they were generated by collisions of black holes that are situated billions of light-years away from Earth, I4U News reported.

This not only validated Einstein's concept of space-time curvature but it also paved the way for the study of new methods of breaking this curvature. This chink in the otherwise continuous fabric of space and time can help people travel back and forth between different time frames.

Tippett recently published an article in Classical and Quantum Gravity, an IOP Science journal, on the same topic. He tried to explain how scientists can manage to breach the space-time continuum. He proposed that curvatures in space-time continuum are simultaneous with curvatures in the time direction of the space. Manipulation of the curvatures with the help of time machines can enable time traveling.

Tippett's Traversable Acausal Retrograde Domain in Space-time (TARDIS) mathematical model for time machine invention proposed that bending the time dimension into circles can transport the passengers of the time machines into the past. Such a machine should have to travel at speeds exceeding the calculated speed of light in order to make a hole in the space-time fabric. 

Though the process of conceptualization and development of such a machine is not yet initiated, it is expected that these recent revelations may help in doing so in the future.

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