Are Aliens Sucking Energy From The Sun? UFO Hunters Claim Proof Is In NASA’s Images

First Posted: Dec 06, 2016 03:37 AM EST

The world is abuzz about news of NASA's images proving the existence of aliens. One set of images, in particular, shows a giant alien spaceship sucking energy from the Sun, UFO hunters claim.

Another UFO hunter also claims to have seen a large number of Moon-sized and Earth-sized alien spaceships around the Sun. Is this finally the proof that NASA has been covering up the aliens' existence?

In a YouTube video titled Is This A Massive UFO Feeding Off Sun Energy, UFO hunter Streetcap1 says he has found proof not only of alien existence but of the Plasma-Sun Energy Theory. The Plasma-Sun Energy Theory is about getting energy from the Sun for fuel for alien spaceships or as a way for aliens themselves to recharge.

The Plasma-Sun Energy Theory can also be likened to a popular science fiction concept called star lifting. Star lifting is the process where alien civilizations harvest materials, like solar wind, from a star to use for themselves. This concept can be seen in the movie Jupiter Ascending, where the superior alien race harvests whole planets for skin flesh.

According to YouTuber Streetcap1, the proof is in the set of the images sent back from NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). In the images, a white circular object is connected by a line to the Sun. The UFO hunter says the connected line is the flow of plasma from the Sun to the white circular object he assumes is the alien spaceship.

Popular UFO hunter and enthusiast Scott Waring backs up Streetcap1's claim. Scott Waring says what convinced him is the difference of color between the circular object assumed as the alien spaceship and that of the Sun. According to Waring, this is not the first time UFO hunters have seen alien spaceships circling around the Sun.

In a blog post shared on his website,, Scott Waring claims he has proof of hundreds of Moon-sized and Earth-sized alien spaceships circling around the Sun. What he finds fascinating about the image is that how fast the alien spaceships of that size can move in space.

All of these proofs are from the images sent by NASA's SOHO. Does this mean that all this time NASA has been covering up the aliens' existence? But if NASA is really covering up the existence of aliens, how come images just like what UFO hunters claim are proof of alien existence escape the notice of NASA? Is there someone or a group of someone working in NASA that are leaking these images to the public?

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