Cities And States Could Override Trump Regarding Climate Change

First Posted: Dec 02, 2016 02:40 AM EST

President-elect Donald Trump may slow environmental progress in the United States, but he would not be able to take a complete turnaround from the Obama administration's policies.

In an op-ed, according to Bloomberg, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested that there are ways for the U.S. government to support the Paris Agreement without the support of their president. This is because city officials have long been driving the U.S. progress on reducing carbon emissions, at the same time, in promoting sustainability.

This gives them a lot of power in spite of the lack of federal support. Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote, "If the Trump administration does withdraw from the Paris accord, I will recommend that the 128 U.S. mayors who are part of the Global Covenant of Mayors seek to join in its place."

The New York Times also cited Mayor Michael Bloomberg telling the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce that cities, businesses and even the citizens themselves can continue reducing their emissions especially considering that, like China, they realized that these are for their own interests. As noted, federal support does not control everything when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions -- the major private investment plays an even bigger role, as well as private-public initiatives from mayors and governors themselves.

Today, there are about 10,000 climate initiatives that are already underway in most cities, and it is not a policy exclusive for democrats. In fact, San Diego's Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer was able to help push through a climate action plan that has committed his city to have 100 percent renewable energy in 20 years -- with other cities following his lead.

Yes, federal funding can help push the action against climate change. But even if Donald Trump decides he will opt out of the Paris Agreement, not all is lost for the United States. What Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling for can be achievable. If there is enough support, the country can still do as promised to help combat climate change.

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