Climate Change: Earth's Fate Is Not That Bleak

First Posted: Jul 11, 2017 03:50 AM EDT

With the global warming and climate change issues, people around the world may have pondered what is going to happen to the planet Earth in the future. If mankind is not going to do anything about the climate change issue, the world will not be the same.

New York Mag has released a list of scenarios -- titled "The Uninhabitable Earth" -- wherein the world is not going to be habitable anymore. Doomsday, heat death, the end of food, climate plagues, unbreathable air, perpetual war, permanent economic collapse, poisoned oceans and the great filter are pointed as reasons that mankind will not be able to survive on Earth in the future.

However, according to Mashable, people should not believe "The Uninhabitable Earth" scenario. The story has taken the most depressing climate science predictions and has assumed the worst from there.

Scientific evidence in recent years has solidified around central findings that show sea level rise might be far more drastic during the rest of this century than initially thought. Also, the key temperature magnitudes may be crossed, which could make the lives of some plants and animals difficult in some regions of the planet. The intensity of climate change may drastically affect all those people who live and work in the tropics, as well as Asia and Middle East. Thus, living there may even be tough for them.

According to Michael Mann, a prominent climate scientist at Penn State University, he was disappointed. He was interviewed but he was not cited or quoted in the story.

"I have to say that I am not a fan of this sort of doomist framing," he said. "It is important to be up front about the risks of unmitigated climate change, and I frequently criticize those who understate the risks. But there is also a danger in overstating the science in a way that presents the problem as unsolvable, and feeds a sense of doom, inevitability and hopelessness."

Moreover, Romper noted that Ramez Naam, who is a novelist and a technologist, also expressed his concern by posting a series of tweets that he thinks "The Uninhabitable Earth" scenario is "misleading" and "incredibly bleak."

While it is true that the planet is getting hotter, the intense air pollution could seriously affect people's health and the sea level is rising constantly, many scientists still believe that there is time to reverse the damage.

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