UFO News: ‘Phoenix’ Lights Mystify Sky Watchers

First Posted: Nov 29, 2016 04:09 AM EST

Bright lights were seen "blinking" in the sky over Canada and Mexico, hovering in formation in the sky before disappearing from view. The lights hovered in formation in the sky before one of them suddenly disappears from view.

A lot of people saw the phenomenal lights, that according to Express UK, it even made TV News. One onlooker even claimed that the lights, which he believed are UFOs that he caught on camera, followed him for 12 miles down a highway. He can even be heard saying in his uploaded video, "I am shaking right now. It is crazy, they followed me along the highway. I can't believe I am holding the camera this steady."

Manitoba Museum's UFO expert Scott Young said that the number of sightings have increasing in the city, adding that seeing these lights can accompany an eerie sensation. "I'm not surprised that people find them unusual and take video."

The probability of having UFOs hovering over us is unlikely. For starters, we have a space station that may have noticed if there was something bright around our atmosphere, and there had been no evidence of other life-forms yet from outer space.

However, UFO blogger Scott C Waring noted that these lights may be more familiar than expected. He shared, "When I compare to photos and video from an old reports back in 1997 called the Phoenix Lights in Arizona, I see that the similarities are much more... it's the same giant UFO."

The "Phoenix lights" he mentioned was an infamous incident in March 1997, when five lights were seen in a formation by thousands of people over three hours between 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., taking place across a 300-mile area in Phoenix and Tucson, although government, at the time, blamed military flares.

Do you think these lights are really from a UFO spacecraft, or are you doubtful that aliens are looking at the planet Earth?

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