iOS 10 Update: Apple Introduces ReplayKit Features Enabling Simultaneous Live Stream Video On Phones

First Posted: Jun 15, 2016 07:04 AM EDT

iOS 10 will be included in the ReplayKit Live feature that can live stream apps in addition to the previous recording support. This was announced by Apple during the Platforms State of the Union session at the WWDC after its public press event.

With this new iOS 10 feature, the users will no longer need their Android phone just to live stream their mobile gaming session. Much like the ReplayKit, this new live feature will enable the users to stream their favorite gameplay video from their iPhone while at the same time, use the device's front camera and mic to add more of their own audio commentary and video overlaid on the stream. Meanwhile, along with the announcement is Apple's revelation of introducing new support for the ReplayKit APIs to the Apple TV games, EnGadget reported.

The apps that use the iOS 10 features may live stream to services that support the extension. In a released demo, Apple made use of an extension from the gameplay video platform Mobcrush in order to live stream from the game Olympus Rising.  

According to Apple, the addition of the live stream features can only need a few lines of code for the developers that currently use ReplayKit. The feature is expected to provide help in tutorials aside from the gameplay videos, as the tech giant has greatly used ReplayKit into their new Swift Playgrounds app that was also launched recently.

Furthermore, the iPad app  that provides tutorials to users on how to code through Apple's Swift Languange will also allow the users to record and share everything they are doing in the app, along with the picture-in-picture of themselves through the front camera overlaid on top. While the live streaming features of ReplayKit may not be found in the Playgrounds yet, it is expected to enable the teachers in the future to provide a lesson in real time as they explain what they are currently doing in the app as they do it for a classroom or a student, according to 9to5 Mac.

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