Barack Obama To Reveal UFO, Alien Information Kept Secret For 20 Years?

First Posted: May 26, 2016 06:40 AM EDT

Obama's last days in the office might be defined by an extra-terrestrial revelation. According to reports, the US commander in chief has been close to announcing an alien and UFO activity before he steps down from his post.  

The US President is affected by the same revelation promises made by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during her campaign. In relation to this, executive director Stephen Bassett of the US-based Paradigm Research Group believes that there might be a huge announcement in the days to come, adding that David Cameron will also follow suit. Bassett has been trying to persuade the White House to give the details that have been kept for 20 years. The 69-year-old Bassett believes that this is the greatest news story ever been broken, and that he thinks that Obama's revelation will be a Nobel Prize worthy.

Obama's possible revelation would happen just months following Clinton's statement in a US talk show saying that  she was eager on the transparency of information about UFOs and ET, Express reported.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Clinton spoke in Jimmy Kimmer Live as is reportedly leading the race against Berni Sanders for party nomination for the upcoming election in November. Just like her husband Bill, who also guested on the show in 2014 and was also asked if he has ever been into UFOs or in Area 51, which is a top secret air base rumored to back engineer an alien craft. Bill answered "sort of" and said he did not see dead aliens.

Hilary Clinton said that there is already a new name for UFO, which is unexplained aerial phenomena. She stated that she would want everyone to see the  files and make every information public, saying that if there is nothing in the file, then people should be made aware. But she added that if there is something found there, it should be shared with the public unless it is going to be a national security risk, according to 12 News.

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