Venus and Jupiter to Create 'Double Star' in Tonight's Night Sky: How to Watch

First Posted: Jun 30, 2015 09:45 AM EDT

Make sure to look up tonight to see the celestial highlight of the month. Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets in our sky, can be seen right next to each other.

The planets are actually hundreds of millions of miles from each other. Yet last night, June 29, you could see the two of them in the night sky as seemingly planetary neighbors. And tonight, you may be able to see the closest conjunction of the two planets until August of next year.

Fortunately, though, there should be a repeated performance tonight, June 30. There's a chance that the planets will seem to actually merge together in a planetary illusion in the United Kingdom.

In North America, though, Venus and Jupiter will be just a one-third of a degree apart. This conjunction will have the appearance of a double star to the naked eye.

So how can you see this conjunction? To see the two planets, look to the west-northwest shortly after sunset. Stay away from bright lights found in cities and get ready to see something spectacular. The viewing angle at many latitudes and the time of day will make this event particularly special.

Tonight, make sure to look to the skies. You won't get another chance to see such a close encounter between Jupiter and Venus for quite some time.

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