What You Need to Know Before Visiting Budapest

First Posted: Nov 23, 2021 04:10 PM EST
What You Need to Know Before Visiting Budapest

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Budapest is one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Located in the center of Hungary and next to the Danube River, Budapest is a vibrant city that's quickly making a name for itself on the world stage. Budapest is an entertainment capital with a robust selection of entertainment options that range from legendary nights out to lowkey readings in adorable cafes. There's something for everyone in this magical city, but with such a bounty of options. It can be difficult to know exactly which spots are hot, and which are unfortunately not. That's why we've compiled this guide for you of some of our favorite places to visit, as well as some general tips and tricks for navigating this wonderful city,

Storing Your Stuff!

A travel tip that we're always likely to recommend is to find a luggage storage area in the city you're traveling to. This can easily be found via a search like luggage storage Budapest. Not to worry though as we've linked our favorite option here for you. Storing your luggage is a great idea for any trip as you don't need to be bogged down by a bunch of weighty bags. Now you have the freedom to relax and enjoy wherever you are sightseeing. As you no longer have to be constantly concerned with where your bag is and if you have everything or not. Sometimes it's important to take out the little stressors on your trip. And a simple solution like this can elevate your whole overall experience. That's why we so emphatically recommend this option for those looking to embrace the city for all it has to offer!

When In Doubt? Just, Ask

Budapest is a globally rising superstar of a city, and it's always setting its sights higher. To that end, the city is interested in increasing its touristship. That means it wants YOU to come to IT, and the city has made it incredibly easy to do so. If you're feeling completely lost about what to do or where to find a tour, the government actually provides a great list of resources with numerous options of things to do for travelers to choose from. This list is inclusive of a wide range of interests and relationships as well! From pub crawls with friends to romantic day tours with your sweetheart, there's surely an option that'll have your interest piqued. All of these tours are easily accessible through the city's official website and are great places to start if you're just beginning your journey there!

Dress to Impress

Depending on when you go Budapest can get cold. We're talking -4 degrees cold. That means you should err on the side of caution when picking your wardrobe. That being said, Budapest is also a haven for up-and-coming designers in the world of fashion. Meaning if you accidentally left that warm winter coat behind, you can definitely find one in the city. In fact Budapest is such a renowned fashion destination, that we actually advise you to pack a little light, just in case you see a couple of new pieces that you just can't live without!

Living the NightLife

Not only is Budapest known for its high amount of fun daytime activities. It also has quite a reputation for its nightlife as well. Budapest has a thriving nightlife scene that will make even the most seasoned club go-er pause. Whether it be a fun night of nightclubbing, or you're revving up for the rave. Budapest will not disappoint you wherever you end up.

Cuisine to Die for

As the capital of Hungary, Budapest also has a kinetic culinary scene. That offers only the freshest and most interesting cuisine in the country. One particular restaurant of note is Borkohnya. Borkohnya is a place that specializes in meat-heavy dishes that are to die for. Our vegan friends can find something to enjoy about it too as the wine list features a world-class selection with almost 200 choices. This is just one example of the city's diverse array of restaurants, but there are thousands to choose from!

Budapest is a thriving metropolis filled with an incredible mix of history and modernity. There isn't any other city in the world quite like it and now has never been a better time to visit. We hope that this guide has been helpful to you, and given you an impression of all the fun that this spectacular, dazzling city has to offer!

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