How to Prepare for IV Injection as a First-timer

First Posted: Sep 15, 2021 11:32 AM EDT
How to Prepare for IV Injection as a First-timer

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 IV therapy is one of the most effective methods to administer vitamins and minerals directly into the body. It ensures quick absorption of nutrients, thus boosting energy and easing hangovers. If you're preparing for a workout or suffering from dehydration, IV therapy is a procedure worth considering. However, this may be scary for first-timers, and preparation is vital. Are you planning for your first IV injection?

 Here are steps to prepare and maximize the benefits of your IV injection:

1. Ask questions

 Research on the procedure and gather as much information as possible. Come up with a list of questions and seek calcification before your appointment. This gives you a better understanding of the procedure, making you feel more comfortable. Furthermore, get to know the process of administering the fluid and the equipment used. Inquire from the nurses whether you need mobile IV therapy or have to visit the clinic.

2. Stay hydrated& snack.

IV treatment will supply your body with essential nutrients and up your hydration levels, But this doesn't mean that you shouldn't hydrate. Drink a lot of water before IV injection; if you allow yourself to get dehydrated, your veins will contract, making it difficult to receive the therapy. A snack will also come in handy. For instance, a granola bar will help stabilize your blood sugar and avoid nausea after the session.

 3. Avoid antihistamines

If you have been taking over-the-counter antihistamines or decongestants, avoid them on the morning of your appointment. Such drugs may constrict your blood vessels, making it difficult to get the injection. However, if the medicines form part of your blood pressure treatment, take and ensure high hydration levels before the treatment.

4. Dress appropriately

 Comfort is critical when it comes to IV treatment. You want to wear countable clothing depending on the length of the procedure. For instance, if the therapy takes over 30 minutes, wear clothing that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable sitting for such a duration of time.  Also, layer your clothing to allow for easy temperature control. Ensure that your outfit features minimal buttons and zippers if you have to use the washroom.

5. Consider a form of entertainment.

Typically, IV therapy takes about 30-45 minutes, and you'll be seated for the entire duration. Having a source of entertainment will keep you occupied. Therefore, have accessories to help you achieve this. Here are things to consider;

  • Read a book
  • Listen to music
  • Solve a puzzle
  • Draw
  • Watch a movie
  • Meditate

6. Relax

An IV injection can be uncomfortable for first-timers, but this shouldn't be the case. The team will guide you on each step to make you feel comfortable. Moreover, learn how to manage your anxiety for enhanced relaxation. Consider listening to music or chatting with a friend on social media during the procedure.

The bottom line

 IV therapy is associated with numerous benefits. If you're planning to try it, follow the steps mentioned above to prepare adequately. This will enhance your comfort levels and help ease anxiety. Moreover, speak to your doctor and know what to expect during the procedure. You'll also learn other ways on how to stay hydrated.

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