Ways to Keep Your Construction Crew safe and Healthy

First Posted: Jul 08, 2021 01:06 AM EDT
Ways to Keep Your Construction Crew safe and Healthy

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Due to the nature of work, construction is one of the most dangerous industries around the world. Construction employees are usually exposed to a variety of weather conditions and other hazards that increase their risk of injuries, serious health conditions, or even death. Risks to the construction crew include tools malfunctions, injuries due to falls from height, falling objects, and structural collapse, etc. This is the reason; it is very much important for contractors to focus more on the health and safety of their employees to keep them for the long run. Along with offering competitive wages, general contractors need to do many other things to keep the construction crew safe and healthy.

This article contains different ways construction companies and contractors can improve the safety and health of employees.

Basic Health & Safety Training

Construction employees usually work in high and medium risk environments. That's why there must be enough construction health and safety training for employees so they can stay safe and healthy while performing their duties. Educate them to make them aware of all the associated risks and dangers with their jobs especially when they are working with heavy equipment or working at height. Also provide them with basic awareness to first aid, medical treatments, and life-saving techniques to improve workplace safety.

Invest in Right Contractor Insurance

Investing in the right insurance policy is one of the best ways to improve the safety and health of construction workers. For instance, if you are providing services as a remodelling contractor, you must buy an appropriate remodel contractor insurance as per your needs and requirements to reduce your risks and improve employee safety at the project site. A comprehensive insurance plan may include general liability coverage, workers compensation, tools coverage and auto insurance etc. However, you should compare different insurance providers and available insurance plans to make a wise decision.

Inspect Tools and Equipment on a Regular Basis

Construction projects are usually completed with help of heavy machinery and tools. Employees rely on such tools to perform their duties efficiently. If the tools are unsafe, poorly maintained, or broken, they can cause higher risks of accidents, injuries, and property damages as well. That's why construction companies and contractors should inspect their tools and equipment on a regular basis to schedule preventive maintenance in a timely fashion. Proper inspection highlights the defected and malfunctioned tools before they break down or cause serious workplace accidents and injuries. It not only reduces the injury rate at the workplace but improves the life of equipment too.

Manage Employee Workloads Effectively

The construction sector is a competitive one, and employee retention is not easier for contractors. However, you can keep your construction crew for longer by managing the workload effectively. Delegate tasks to employees as per their skills and expertise so they can complete the assigned jobs efficiently without feeling overwhelmed. Offering part-time compensation is also a great idea to make them feel you recognize their efforts and care for their health and safety as well. Also provide your construction employees with necessary protective gears when they work in critical weather conditions or on height.

Develop an Effective Communication Plan

Effective communication is one of the main elements in keeping construction employees safe and healthy at the project site. Provide your employees with quick and easier methods of communication so they can interact with each other whenever needed. In this way, they can easily tell the contractor or other concerns if any potential threats or risks are identified. Also, organize safety and health training programs often to make them aware of basic health and safety techniques so they can avoid workplace accidents and injuries on their own.

Along with implementing above mentioned tactics to keep your construction crew safe and healthy, listening to your employees is another great way to improve workplace health and safety plan. Ask your employees what changes should be made in business operations or processes to make their jobs safer and provide them with a healthy work environment. Also, establish an easier and simple system of accident reporting so employees can highlight the issues in real time to promote a safe and healthy workplace culture. You can also conduct risk assessment strategies to figure out potential risks and dangers before ahead of time.

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