AI Technology Now Rules Marketing: 5 Tools to know About According to TRUiC

First Posted: May 18, 2021 11:04 AM EDT
AI Technology Now Rules Marketing: 5 Tools to know About According to TRUiC

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Global spending on Artificial Intelligence is expected to reach $110 billion by 2024, according to the IDC Spending Guide. AI marketing uses customer data from online and offline sources paired with machine learning to predict user behaviour in websites or apps. The year started strong with regards to Artificial Intelligence based marketing. AI marketing software is constantly evolving and learning about what works and what does not, making it an important tool to use. AI funnel and sales software is especially valuable to improve ad click-through rates and email lead conversion.

The key benefits of using AI marketing includes: increased ROI, automation of repetitive tasks, increased customer experience due to highly personalized content, rooting out ineffective marketing tactics, real-time analytics allows marketers to gauge the success of any current campaign and adjust it accordingly. TRUiC rules the world of free AI-powered tools and lists the following 5 tools as being incredibly useful:

All in the Name

Choosing the right name for your business is a significant step. It communicates what your business is about, your unique take on the industry and your business name is the first impression your customer has. A clear, strong name is extremely useful to help connect your business to customers. This is where AI name generating tools steps in. Helping with the creation of relevant, SEO-optimised and unique business names. The best brand names are short, unique, memorable and easy to pronounce. This resource assists in the tall order of name creation. This free tool allows one to instantly check domain name availability while guaranteeing the user's privacy.

Personalized, predictive AI

AI helps to deliver personalized messages to target audiences at select points in the consumer lifecycle. This data-driven approach helps marketers gain insight into customer preferences and tailor messages suitably.

The Blueshift AI system offers customers a data activation platform which helps marketers deliver relevant and timely personalized messages at scale. With this AI organizations can gain a full view of their customers' historic and real-time behaviors, providing predictive intelligence and campaign tools. This software helps one to create customized, automated campaigns and personalize content delivery on websites, apps, ads or via email.

Marketing Cloud Einstein by Salesforce integrates with other Salesforce products and helps monitor social media activity. The system offers predictive content recommendation, engagement scoring, customer experience analytics and optimization features allowing one to detect opportunities. Einstein Engagement Scoring uses consumer data and machine learning to help predict consumer engagement with email and mobile push messaging. Furthermore the tool identifies the optimal number of emails and messages to send that will help drive engagement and brand awareness. This tool is able to offer small companies on a tight budget a lot of benefits.

Marketo is recognized as one of the top marketing automation solutions offering automation of email, social media, digital marketing and account based marketing. Marketo can recommend relevant content, based on AI data, and automate activity based on predictive content engagement. Using triggers and filters activities can be automated based on audience engagement with predictive content recommendations. The AI allows marketers to target lead and account-based customers with personalized content suggestions, helping to support inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

Albert is a self-learning AI marketing assistant. Using machine learning the AI can autonomously predict customer needs in real time and speed up cross-channel campaign analysis, optimization and testing by automatically generating marketing campaigns for your brand. Albert can help determine the characteristics of a serious buyer, identifying potential customers matching those characteristics. Trial campaigns are run on small groups of customers, allowing for adjustments to be made before it launches to scale.

Digital-savvy customers expect more personalization

AI marketing tools deliver an ad experience that is customized to each user, helping to influence purchasing decisions, building brand loyalty and shaping the customer journey. According to a 2017 online survey by Epsilon and GBH Insights, 80% of respondents indicated they were more likely to engage and do business with a company if it offered personalized experiences, whilst the vast majority (90%) of respondents indicated that they found personalization appealing. With the rapidly evolving digital landscape it would seem that AI marketing tools have become an invaluable resource for businesses, helping them to reach target audiences on a personal level.

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