Understanding New Types of Tech in Fleet Management

First Posted: May 11, 2021 05:14 PM EDT
Understanding New Types of Tech in Fleet Management

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Today, there are many more types of tech that you can use in fleet management, and each of them can make your job as a fleet manager much easier. Of course, there is GPS, but today, you can also use computerized devices to get a bit more extra information. By using more comprehensive tools, you can then stay more competitive and efficient.

Collision Avoidance

In the past, many fleet managers focused only on managing collisions. But with the help of modern technology, it is now possible to prevent them from happening in the first place. If you want to understand more about the tech used to avoid collisions, you can review a guide on the next wave in safety technology. That way, you can help your fleet stay safe. However, you should look for a few things when choosing a collision avoidance system, including tire pressure monitors and forward collision warnings. It is common for the tire pressure to change if the elevation or temperature changes. That way, the driver will be less likely to experience a blowout. It is also a good idea to have forward collision monitoring systems, telling the driver if there is a hazard ahead. That way, there is more time to swerve or brake.

The Use of Telematics

Telematics involves tracing your vehicles with the help of cameras, sensors, and GPS technology, as well as other tools. It is found in many types of fleet management systems. New features are found in this technology, whether you need to keep track of logistics or log the amount of time each vehicle is on the road. With telematics, you can quickly gather a range of information from your devices and sensors, improving safety, compliance, and productivity. By combining this with advanced analytics, you can stay ahead of your competition since you will be more efficient. 

Using the Internet of Things

Many of today's fleet management systems combine the internet of things and telematics to create a cutting edge system. Sensor technology has come a long way, allowing you to track your vehicles better. For example, you can use it for predictive maintenance. By taking care of them, you will have a higher bottom line. Traditionally, doing predictive maintenance often depended on how many miles were on the vehicle or how long it had been since the last repairs. But that was not always accurate for all the variables involved with operating a fleet. That is why using advanced sensors is such a good idea since they can send you prompts when it is time for the vehicle to have maintenance. That also reduces the chances of additional maintenance being required.

Real-Time Updates

Sensors are useful for ensuring your drivers follow best practices when driving. You can access a range of data that will help you see the status of the vehicles. And you can get to that in real-time, letting you determine if the equipment has failed, tires have become punctured, or if they have gotten into a crash. And you can also use these sensors to help you track hours of service.

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