How to Celebrate Someone's Birthday in COVID-19 Times

First Posted: Apr 16, 2021 08:22 AM EDT
How to Celebrate Someone's Birthday in COVID-19 Times

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It's been a hell of a year. With most of the world going in lockdown, we've experienced things we never considered possible before. Who would have thought there would be a year when many cities closed their restaurants? Who would have thought working from home would be preferred? Who would have thought that birthday parties would be so different from past years? But just because they're different, doesn't mean they can't be fun! In this article, we'll give you some ideas on how to make a birthday party fun during COVID-19 times.

Hold an old-school at-home party

When you were little, you didn't need fancy venues, dj-sets and the whole shebang. Your parents probably decorated the whole house with party decorations (Dutch: feestversiering) and balloons (Dutch: ballonnen) and made fun snacks. Even as an adult these kinds of parties can be so much fun. Make a playlist with fun music from the decade the birthday boy/girl grew up in and make sure you have enough board games at the ready. You can make the loser do a shot or even say that the loser of UNO or Monopoly has to do the dishes for a week ... believe us: it's gonna be a fun party! 

Let the restaurant come to you

Many restaurants that never used to deliver, have turned to delivery to survive this pandemic. If you usually like to go dine out for a birthday party, you can let the restaurant come to you! There are even chefs with Michelin stars that have turned to food delivery. Have you ever dined out in your own kitchen? Now you can! 

Do a virtual activity with friends and family

We know a virtual activity isn't the same as hugging friends and family in real life, but hanging out with them online can be a lot of fun too. We recommend you to look at activities instead of just ZOOM conversations; lots of companies offer fun virtual activities, such as a wine tasting that delivers the wine to your doorstep or an online escape game. 

We know this has been such a weird period of time, but we hope you can make it a fun quarantine birthday nevertheless!

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