Science-Based: 3 Areas of Life Where Good Data Really Matters

First Posted: Feb 27, 2021 10:56 AM EST
Science-Based: 3 Areas of Life Where Good Data Really Matters

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As humans, we are terrible when it comes to prioritizing things that really matter. We often pursue detailed information about trivia while failing to become truly informed on things that have a profound effect on our lives. You probably know someone who can tell you every relevant and most of the irrelevant facts about baseball, while being unaware of who their congressperson is and how they vote on important issues. There are those who spend more time researching the tide for a weekend of surfing than they do researching the Stock Market to determine the health of their 401-K.

This misalignment of priorities is usually not fatal when we are dealing with things that have little consequence. But some things really matter. One of the challenges is immediacy. We tend to focus on the interests that render a tangible and immediate result. We have a harder time dealing with things that will not yield consequences in the near future. Smoking doesn't kill you right away. And the gratification from smoking is immediate. We often choose short-term gratification over long term consequences. Here are a few areas where the data is truly important and worthy of reprioritizing:

Medical Research and Biotech

If you are looking for companies to fund, look no further than health research and biotech. These are the companies that will bring us vaccines and cures to diseases that threaten at this very moment. Keep up with all the latest and most detailed information on the top biotech sites on the internet right now. These are the places on the web where you go when you really need to know what is going on in the world of biotech.

Biotech companies in San Diego are hard at work detecting variants and possible mitigations. They are sequencing, contact tracing, and testing at a level unavailable to those who don't wear lab coats. However, thanks to the proliferation of sites devoted to reporting, analyzing, and processing biotech information in a way that ordinary humans can comprehend, we are better armed with actionable data. We can digest the latest information on mitigations such as masks and vaccines that will help us better protect ourselves, and all the people we hold dear.

The Art and Science of a Good Night's Sleep

How did you sleep last night? If you did not sleep well, it could have more consequential health implications than you might imagine. You already know that poor sleep can lead to irritability and a less than productive start to your day. You might not know that poor sleep can contribute to a decline in the performance of your immune system. When your body is tired, your cells are also tired and less able to fight various diseases.

Following questionable advice about sleep will lead you to trying many things that are unsafe and unwise. Sleep is a part of health. When you have health concerns, you need to take them to health professionals. These are the people in the best position to know what they are talking about. Consulting your personal doctor about sleep issues also reduces the possibility of unfortunate side effects and chemical interactions. Not everything that worked for your friend will work for you. Word of mouth is great for finding the best sushi place in town. But for sleep information , you need a much more reliable source.


What kind of voter will you get if schools feed historical and scientific false information to your children? We will be setting them up for failure in every aspect of their lives. That said, we are human and will make mistakes. We will get some things wrong. But part of a good education is the learned ability to spot questionable data. We also have to be able to keep an open mind, fact-check, and reevaluate when better data is available.

At the end of the day, we have to do a better job at recognizing what is and isn't important. From there we need to see to it that the information we accept is the best available. Don't compromise on the quality of your information with regard to biotech, a good night's sleep, and your children's education. When it comes to baseball stats, you can always ask your digital assistant. 

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