Why Greedy Growth Expanded Into The Football Industry

First Posted: Feb 22, 2021 09:15 AM EST
Why Greedy Growth Expanded Into The Football Industry

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It is obvious that brands are beginning to use social media platforms to market their products. They also use them in building credibility and customer base to achieve long term growth. A few years back, personal brands were not considered as important. However, it seems to be the "biggest thing" today with celebrities and entrepreneurs trying to make a name for themselves via social media platforms. Although many industries have jumped into this trend, the football industry seems to be lagging behind. 

Young players don't have the time to be building their presence in the digital world. Instead, they are constantly engaged in training activities. The truth is that building an online presence is as vital as playing football on the pitch. The problem is that they lack the needed time and experience to build their own personal brands on social media platforms. 

In order to help footballers out in the aspect of building online presence, Greedy Growth will be needed. This is a digital marketing agency that has been helping brands to become established on social media platforms. To tap into the football industry which seems to have lots of potential, it launched a service during the beginning of 2021. This was to help UK football players become more popular on social media. 

At the moment, it can be said that Greedy Growth has achieved great amounts of success having been able to get clients from notable clubs like Arsenal, Swansea, and Burnley. The mission is helping players build a loyal fan base. These people will not just watch them play but also follow them on a regular basis. Even when players have been transferred to other clubs, their fans will also support them. Greedy Growth is therefore existing to help connect fans with their favourite players. 

When it comes to helping footballers gain better online presence, Greedy Growth is vastly experienced. It has an unrivalled understanding of Instagram marketing and how fan bases can be grown at amazing rates. A typical example is the case of Joel Mumbongo, a footballer of Burnley who has gained a huge online presence after being helped by Greedy Growth.  

Greedy Growth is a company which strongly believes in building brands for long term success. It believes that building a client base shouldn't be about metrics and stats. Instead, it should be centred on a highly engaged and real audience that will yield great ROI in the near future. It also offers the benefits of getting the brands of footballers levelled up. 

Given its huge success, Greedy Growth is considered as one of the most credible and reputable Instagram marketing agencies in the UK. It is one company which has succeeded in earning lots of positive reviews from clients. Its priority in 2021 is to scale and explore industries that have not been tapped. One of such movements has been helping footballers build their brands online. In the future, more services will be added to this list. 

On its Instagram (@greedygrowth) handle, there are lots of digital marketing tips which can help businesses succeed. These tips will serve as a brilliant source of information surrounding social media marketing for all sorts of brands.

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