Damon Woodward Reveals How to Build a World-Class Real Estate Team

First Posted: Feb 18, 2021 03:39 PM EST
Damon Woodward Reveals How to Build a World-Class Real Estate Team

(Photo : Damon Woodward Reveals How to Build a World-Class Real Estate Team)

Damon Woodward is a professional real estate investor and a man of many talents. He is the CEO of Leadway Holdings Ltd. and Blackcard Elite Academy Ltd., also known as Blackcard University. Damon specializes in creating exceptional real estate deals that result in very high returns for himself, his partners, and his delighted clients.

As the CEO of two large companies, Damon is also in charge of running several teams. He believes that choosing the right people to join a company is crucial for success. That is why Damon carefully selected every single person who works with him.

"At this point, I'm quite aware of what I am good at and what I am not as good at, as well as what I enjoy doing and what I don't enjoy doing. Luckily, I have been able to find people I can rely on and trust in certain areas of my businesses so that I don't have to know everything," he says.

Damon makes sure to assess every member of his team carefully so he can determine their strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, Damon ensures that every team member is in the right position and can succeed.

In addition to training his team, Damon spends much time educating and developing himself. He believes that it is challenging to run a business without proper guidance and training. Damon doesn't want to be 'the boss' in his company; he wants to be a leader. His goal is to be the person his employees can look up to and follow in his footsteps. That is why Damon keeps investing in self-development and self-growth.

The education and hard-work paid off since Damon now runs two successful companies and has a world-class team. He believes that the key to running any team successfully is having a structure. "Managing people is one of the most difficult jobs out there and can be extremely complicated, so having a very clear structure of how the team operates is extremely important."

Damon makes sure that there are proper write-ups for each position in his company, which describe the person's tasks and obligations in great detail. All the assignments include instructions on how to complete each action associated with each role. Last but not least, there are clear policies in Damon's companies, and he makes sure to establish clear communication among everyone.

Damon was also able to develop a few strategies to ensure that all team members are always motivated to work. Damon gives his executives and managers incentives based on their teams' performance. This way, managers will be more invested in the work they do, and they will carefully monitor the overall success of their teams.

Running a successful business on one's own is incredibly difficult. Damon Woodward is well aware of this fact. His companies are performance-based, and he needs his teams to perform well. Damon was fully invested in choosing the right people for his company and, as a result, he is now surrounded by reliable people who can get the job done. Strong ethics and a positive attitude are something Damon looks for on his team because he believes that one bad apple can spoil the barrel.

If you're interested in more valuable tips and advice on running a real estate business, make sure to follow Damon on his social media. Damon shares excellent tips frequently on his Instagram, @damonwoodward3, and also posts excellent guides for aspiring real estate entrepreneurs on his YouTube channel.

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