When Cody Vaujin Gets a Rejection, He Turns It Into an Opportunity

First Posted: Jan 18, 2021 10:36 AM EST
When Cody Vaujin Gets a Rejection, He Turns It Into an Opportunity

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Cody Vaujin is one of the greatest figures in sports handicapping to date. He amassed $4 million in profit by the young age of 22 and has served as a global inspiration for hundreds of thousands of budding business owners and entrepreneurs. While Vaujin, who currently runs a reputable sports consulting business, is used to winning with an astounding 77% precision, he has nevertheless had to face some roadblocks along the way.

Cody's name really became known in 2016 when the entrepreneur won a sports handicapping competition, battling 100 other top players for the first spot. Spurred on by his victory, he moved to Las Vegas, leaving university behind to build his dream life. Success followed along every step of the way. Vaujin recalls having $5,000 to invest and turning that into $4 million in only six short months. 

What followed next was somewhat perplexing, though, when casinos banned Vaujin from handicapping. He was simply too good. The entrepreneur, however, did not let that discourage him. When one door closes, another opens, and it was up to him to find creative ways to work around those bans.

"I thought to myself, 'Okay, I'm banned, but my students aren't. So I can continue to share my surefire strategies and high-level methodologies. And they can continue winning while I sit back and mentor.' I take great pride in my mentorship, and I'm excited to help people reach financial independence and freedom. That's what it's all about. If I hadn't been banned from those places, perhaps I never would have become a mentor," Vaujin reflects.

He has no shortage of mentees, as his very own Codycoverspreads has reached astronomical popularity. Fans and clients are thrilled to be following his advice on and off social media. Once, as Cody was leaving a casino after winning again, a group of supporters was chanting, "Codycoverspreads," on the way out. "That felt incredible. I loved the support, and I'll never forget that," Vaujin says.

Cody is poised for exponential growth and development. His business continues to grow, and the entrepreneur is bursting with energy. Even during the pandemic, he found a way to continue handicapping while sports were canceled. "I simply went international. I looked up other countries where sports were still happening, and I set my eye on South Korea and its baseball leagues. I managed to make a profit there, and so did my clients," he explains.

Vaujin doesn't have any plans to retire even though he has gained enough financial freedom to allow himself to do so. "I love my work. It keeps me excited, and I love waking up every day and diving into it. I love supporting people and being their mentor and leader."

Cody credits his accomplishments in part to his mathematical gifts, which he has had from an early age, and in part to his high level of confidence. The future looks extremely bright for him, as he continues to devise unique winning strategies and inspire thousands of people worldwide.

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