How Michael Friend Has Been Scaling to Great Heights Within the Beauty Tool Industry

First Posted: Dec 30, 2020 11:39 AM EST
How Michael Friend Has Been Scaling to Great Heights Within the Beauty Tool Industry

(Photo : How Michael Friend Has Been Scaling to Great Heights Within the Beauty Tool Industry)

Michael Friend is an entrepreneur with not one but two highly successful beauty tool brands, Michael Todd Beauty and Spa Sciences. He first got started in this business because of his love for skincare. However, he also realized that the skincare and beauty industries had great products that were going to waste because people didn't have the proper tools needed to apply serums and cleansers.

He wanted to create products to fix this issue while also staying at a budget-friendly price so the everyday person could comfortably afford it. Not everyone has the chance to go to a spa, whether they're too busy or don't have the funds, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to get the same results from the comfort of their own home. So, the only solution was to take things into his own hands and make something to solve all of those issues.

One of the products that put Michael and his brand Spa Sciences on the map is the NOVA, a facial cleansing brush. Unlike many other companies, their's doesn't spin but instead uses sonic technology to gently vibrate the brush. Not only does this get the cleanser seven times deeper into the skin, but it won't damage the skin's natural barrier like the spinning motion does. As of now, the brush has a 4.5 rating, as well as almost 400 reviews to back it up.

Another one of their more popular products includes the ECHO, an antimicrobial makeup brush that employs the same technology as the NOVA. The ECHO is an excellent choice for makeup lovers who want a flawless, smooth, and seamless finish to their skin, something that regular brushes and sponges can't achieve. But with the NOVA's 24,000 micromovements per minute, that can be easily done.

Every single product for sale by both of Michael's companies has been through a rigorous testing process to ensure nothing but perfection for customers, and they aren't done adding to their arsenal just yet. In the upcoming months, Michael has plans to release two new products. One will be a sonic lip plumper, and the other an epilator.

Getting to this point in his career wasn't an easy journey. Michael faced a lot of trial and error as he scaled and continued expanding his companies, though he's now come out on top. His strong work ethic and dependable team are owed a lot of that credit, but Michael also believes in the philosophy of cherishing every minute throughout everything he does, and that has undoubtedly played a big role in his success.

To stay updated on everything surrounding Michael and his companies, head over to their websites, and, or to their Instagrams, @SpaSciences, and @MichaelToddBeauty.

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