Dash Cam with GPS: The Ultimate Vehicle Tracking Solution

First Posted: Feb 11, 2020 03:01 PM EST
Dash Cam with GPS: The Ultimate Vehicle Tracking Solution

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Today, vehicles are undergoing technological upgradations like never before. All these developments cater to the emerging lifestyle needs of car owners for offering maximum comfort and security. Car buyers can choose from a variety of different brands and models available in the market. However, just buying a high-end car is not the end, it is also imperative to secure the vehicle with a security device. 

One of the groundbreaking pieces of technology is a dash cam with GPS tracker, which can prove to be a blessing for car owners. It offers several incredible benefits to it make it an ideal purchase.

Here are a few reasons that make a dash cam with GPS tracker the ultimate vehicle tracking solution:

1. Behaviour Monitoring

People who have chauffeur-driven vehicles often worry about the condition of their car. There are chances of misuse of the vehicle when it is in the hands of someone else. A standard GPS tracker only provides the location of the car. It does not allow you to control unprofessional behaviour such as engine idling, talking on the phone while driving or over-speeding. 

A dash cam with GPS tracker addresses all the challenges associated with chauffeur-driven vehicles. It sends you AI-based alerts in case of detection of an unknown driver, over speeding and usage of phone while driving. By doing so, such a device keeps you informed at all times. 

2. Live-Stream

There are modern GPS trackers with dash cams that allow the user to live-stream the recordings of the device. One such example of a device with state-of-the-art technology is the KENT CamEye. It has a dual camera that records audio and video of both inside and outside the vehicle, which you can live-stream whenever you want. 

For example, chauffeurs might be ferrying passengers for extra income or running personal errands on your time. With the help of the live-streaming feature, you can keep track of the people sitting in your car and take action in real-time. 

3. Safety of Family 

One of the advantages of a dash cam with GPS tracker is that it offers enhanced security. When any of your loved ones are travelling alone, you wish to ensure that they are safe and sound. With the help of a dash cam with GPS tracker, you can monitor their real-time location and send assistance in case of an unfortunate event. 

4. Data Storage 

It is not possible to supervise the activities of your vehicle every minute of the day. A dash cam with GPS tracker records and syncs all the data and stores it on the cloud.  It enables you to access this data from your smartphone to get information about the trips made. The captured data allows you to playback the routes travelled and analyze different driving statistics to monitor your car usage. 

Ensure Advanced Vehicle Security

In this day and age, everything you wish for is possible. The innovative technology has enabled us to achieve better standards in almost all aspects of life. Vehicle security solutions are not far behind in this race. There are security devices such as KENT CamEye that come with cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible vehicle security solutions. 

It is an exceptional dash cam with GPS tracker that has first-of-its-kind features such as dual camera, two-way calling, cloud storage, route playback and live video streaming. You can power it easily using a USB or cigarette lighter socket. If you wish to understand how the dash cam with GPS tracker works, then book a free demo to know more about the specifications. Order it directly from Amazon, India website, to seal your vehicle security to your satisfaction. 

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