What Are The Best Multi-Vitamins For Men?

First Posted: Dec 30, 2019 11:27 AM EST
What Are The Best Multi-Vitamins For Men?

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Men everywhere are growing more concerned about their health and longevity, an important health trend that's sure to lead to better living standards around the world. Heightened heath can never be achieved unless individuals have accurate information to rely upon, however, which has led many people to search for valid data pertaining to multi-vitamin supplements and their efficacy.

What are the best multi-vitamins for men, anyway, and what makes them stand out in the first place? Here's a review of multi-vitamins and other populate supplements that men everywhere are taking, and why.

Americans are taking fewer multi-vitamins

The past few years have actually seen a sizable decrease in the amount of people who are taking multi-vitamin supplements. While the majority of American adults consume dietary supplements of some form, data provided by CNN indicates that fewer adults are depending upon multi-vitamins in particular.

While Americans spent about $34.9 billion on supplements in 2013 alone, for instance, only about 31 percent of them were taking multi-vitamins in 2011-12. That's down from the 37 percent taking multi-vitamins in 1999-2000. CNN's data indicates that while spending on supplements remains incredibly strong across the marketplace, multi-vitamins in particular have been shunned by larger sums of consumers in recent years.

Multi-vitamins can nevertheless be valuable by replacing nutrients you lack in your diet and reducing the risk of various chronic diseases. Calcium, chromium, and iron vitamins are all quite popular amongst men, according to Medical News Today, and young adults find themselves infatuated with calcium and vitamin D in particular to ensure healthy growth across the board.

Older men are particularly in need of vitamin B-12, as it's harder and harder to absorb it from food as you get older and your body loses its ability to process it. As the CDC's page on men's health illustrates, however, multi-vitamins are only part of remaining healthy. A safe, consistent diet and frequent exercise are also important parts of maintaining excellent body health and mental wellness as you age.

How to find good multi-vitamins

When sourcing your multi-vitamins for men, be sure to check that the seller is authentic and that the supply chain isn't too complex to follow. Getting enough vitamin C is important, especially if you're a smoker, but it can often be sourced directly from the foods and drinks in your fridge and pantry. The same goes with calcium, which is popularly taken as a supplement only by those who fail to get enough calcium through their diet. Those who are lactose intolerant, for instance, often find calcium supplements vital towards maintaining a strong body because they can't gain it from dairy.

Those who are aging should certainly consider taking vitamin B-12, as should those following a strict vegan diet. Consulting your medical professionals for expert advice pertaining to your diet is highly recommended, especially when it comes to ingesting supplements which are supposed to replace a food group you can't eat for one reason or another. Vitamin A will ensure you have a healthy immune system and excellent vision, and Vitamin C is widely recommended for healthy aging.

Don't be afraid to peruse lengthy guides on men's multi-vitamins, but also understand that nothing can replace a healthy diet and regular exercise. Medical professionals usually prescribe supplements to patients when they're needed, and not everybody needs to ingest supplements to maintain their health. Always ensure that your supplements are properly sourced, as imposters will try to earn a quick buck by passing off fraudulent products as legitimate ones. In time, you'll be making wiser and healthier supplement and vitamin decisions. 

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