7 Emerging Environmental Technologies That Bring Hope for 2020

First Posted: Sep 27, 2019 02:06 PM EDT

The continuous development of technology and the construction of new projects have caused a large number of innovations. However, it seems that most scientists have forgotten about environmental protection. Unfortunately, a lot of inventions created over the years have a negative impact on the state of our planet. 

Still, it is worth remembering that thanks to our mother nature, we were able to reach the current level of technological development and advancement. Environmental protection and the creation of new inventions can go hand in hand, and in this article, you will find the list of the top 7 inventions that are both environmentally friendly and extremely practical.

SolarSkin - Thin Material for Solar Panels

SolarSkin is an invention of solar panels with an additional option. Glass panels can mimic under any surface: tile, lawn or anything else. SolarSkin was developed by students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to the creators of the concept, such innovation will not affect the efficiency of devices.

The inventors expressed the hope that the new idea would seem attractive to homeowners who do not like the gloomy appearance of usual solar panels. They believe that a camouflage pattern on the surface will be more in demand, especially considering that it can be chosen due to discretion. 

O-Wind Turbine - A Uniaxial Wind Turbine

O-Wind Turbine is proof of the successful rethinking of the concept of a conventional wind generator. It was designed for use in urban environments. In large megacities between high buildings, there are conditions for chaotic wind turbulence. It may be an abundant supply of energy, which remains inaccessible to conventional wind generators. 

A new wind generator should solve this problem. O-Wind Turbine has an almost spherical shape and can efficiently use multi-directional air movement to generate energy. The prototype for the creation of the O-Wind Turbine was NASA's development. 

The inventors came up with a research apparatus for Mars, which can move around the Red Planet by transforming light turbulences in the Martian atmosphere into a unidirectional stream of air that pushes the equipment in the right direction.

The design structure is lined with ventilation holes that have large entrances and smaller air exits. This turbine rotates around a fixed axis, regardless of the direction of the wind. The rotation of this invention is used to power a generator that can generate electricity.

The Sprout Pencil - Design of a Germinating Pencil

The invention of the germinating pencil is a unique project aimed at encouraging users to care for the environment and sustainable development in their daily routines.

This pencil consists of 100% harmless materials, and its biodegradable tip contains 14 GMO-free seeds.

After writing out the invention contribution, you can plant it in the soil and then observe the blooming of the plant right next to your computer.

Refill - A Filtered Water Station 

That is a project to eliminate plastic bottles. According to statistics from last year, Americans bought over 50 billion plastic bottles with water, of which:

  • 50% had purified tap water;

  • over 70% have never been processed.

The Refill project is a network of unique filtered water stations, in which people will be able to fill their bottles with cold, filtered tap water while traveling. This solution is a cheap and ecological alternative to bottled water. 

The Small Garden 3 Will Deal with Your Plants

Small Garden 3 is an invention that automatically cares for your plants. Besides, the device makes sure they have enough:

  • water,

  • light,

  • nutrition.

Also, this invention is equipped with unique LED lamps providing your plants with the energy necessary for growth. This project does not use pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances.

Leaves Instead of Lamps

Three quick heads - Omri Amirav-Drory, Kyle Taylor and Antony Evans - decided to create plants that glow in the dark. They plan to use synthetic biology techniques for this. It is a combination of molecular biology and engineering, design and creation of artificial biological systems modeled on natural ones. 

If the project succeeds, in the future traditional lighting such as light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, lanterns, neon lights, etc. will be replaced by glowing trees, shrubs, grasses!

Solar Jacket

New York fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger invented this extraordinary jacket. It is a unisex type, suitable for both women and men. Small solar cells are sewn on the back. 

This jacket is adapted to charge the smartphone battery automatically. It is waterproof, rain or snow does not harm its energy-creating dorsal part. 

Final Words

Every day more and more people see the need to fight for climate preservation. The fact that human activity contributes most to climate change is beyond doubt to the vast majority of scientists. Fortunately, technological progress is so fast that, with greater involvement of governments, environmental technologies will be massively used.

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Natalie Norman is a doctor of science, a scientist based in England. When she was 19, she began to get involved with ecology. One of the projects Natalie works with is EssayPro, essay service without plagiarism history. 

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