Effective Ways to Ensure Safety from Radiations

First Posted: Sep 13, 2019 10:24 AM EDT

Radiologically active places in hospitals can increase challenges for safety professionals and employees for different reasons. It is not easy to keep track of radiation exposure without a dosimeter.

These tools may be misleading. Several exposure mitigation procedures in labs and hospitals are insufficient. Unfortunately, these procedures are dangerous for workers. For the safety of workers, here are some easy methods to improve their PPE radiation protection.

Improve Lead Aprons

Several hospitals are using lead aprons to shield their workers from harmful effects of radiations. Remember, this shield is insufficient for employees from the dangerous effects of radiation exposure. Your employees are susceptible to emissions even with a lead apron.

They need special protection in PET scanning areas and x-ray rooms. It is possible to increase the protection of employees with these measures:

  • Glass panels lead plated

  • Lead boxes or lined coolers for radioactive materials and drugs

  • Thyroid protection with lead collars

  • Lead strips to conduct fluoroscopy process

Dual Gloves

Routine hand washing is necessary to save your life. In public health advancement, you will need latex or nitrile gloves. Dual gloves can help you to prevent radiation exposure. With an extra layer of material, you can protect your workers from short term radiations. Moreover, you can use a fluorescent tracer or a radioactive pill.

Additional Badge

Radiation may come from different sources, or numerous scenarios can affect the safety of employees. Ask your employees to wear an extra film badge. It becomes an effective method to block all routes of exposure. You will need these badges for workers behind a fume hood or safety cabinet. One film ring may become an extra measure to provide 360 degrees of protection to employees.

Use of Respirators

For the safety of your employees, you must have radiation-proof respirators. These are an essential form of PPE. Use of these devices is rare at workplaces. Remember, respirators are incredibly useful for your workers. You must have radioactive aerosols in labs.

It is necessary to notice high-dosimeter readings at neck and chest level. Nowadays, it is easy to choose a radiation-proof respirator. The respirator canisters can filter radiation. Make sure to consider the characteristics of respirator canisters.


To enhance the PPE of employees, you will need goggles in radioactive areas. Exclusive full-sealed models are available with lead-glass lenses. For your workers, you will need regular face shields. Make sure to decrease your exposure to radioactive material and radiations before doing a job in potentially dangerous areas.

Thyroid Collars

For your employees, you will need thyroid collars along with lead aprons. These can decrease exposure to scatter or leakage radiation. Workers can wear this safety equipment at dangerous locations.

Tips to Buy Protective Equipment for Employees

Protective gear should protect the wearer from toxic material and harmful radiations. You have to buy special equipment for your employees to cover their different parts and organs of the body. These items must protect the attitudes and postures of the human body. Workers must wear these gears during x-ray procedures.

Your workers must have lumbar support in the form of padded shoulders and belts. These can improve the comfort of workers and decrease the dangers of a back injury. Special tops and skirts become necessary to redistribute body weight.

Rules to Work in Radiations

If you want to work in radiation, you have to protect yourself from overexposure. Preventive rules and measures become necessary to avoid injuries and critical diseases. Here are some essential rules to remember.

  • Get the necessary training to understand the risk of radiations.

  • Decrease handling time of dangerous equipment and radioactive material.

  • You have to be mindful for distance from a radiation source. Make sure to increase the distance as much as you can.

  • The proper shield is necessary for each type of radiation.

  • Contain or isolate radioactive materials appropriately.

  • Armor your body with dosimeters and protective clothing.

  • Contamination surveys are necessary for working areas.

  • You must not smoke, drink, eat, or apply cosmetics in restricted areas with unsealed radioactive substances.

  • Properly observe radioactive waste disposal.

  • The regular radiation safety inspection is necessary for your safety.

Safety inspections are necessary to ensure preventive measures in designated areas. It will decrease the dangers of overexposure. These areas must have warning signs and special devices for your workers.

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