Reducing Machining Costs Using On-Demand CNC Machining

First Posted: Aug 08, 2019 10:34 AM EDT
Reducing machining costs using on-Demand CNC Machining

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Engineers faced many obstacles in the past when it came to breathing new life into their designs. Creating a prototype was often hindered by a lack of materials at local machine shops. This material challenge is no longer a concern with today's on-demand machining. Explore CNC machining options with cloud and AI possibilities found at 3D Hubs right now. Exorbitant costs and material challenges have all but disappeared.

1. Wait No More

Waiting for a local shop to get to an order is not the norm in the 21st century. CNC machining begins with an online visit, upload a design, and the production process feels streamlined at every step. Each engineer appears to be the only customer on the site.

Receive a CNC quote in return, approve it through the proper channels and a prototype is born.

2. Design With Confidence

AI or artificial intelligence becomes the engineer's partner. With the design for manufacture or DFM offered through modern CNC machining services, any faults found in the design are quickly pinpointed. Engineers have a chance to correct these hiccups before a full-blown prototyping session begins. 

The checks-and-balances system reduces costs and time crunches for engineers around the world. With an approved project, prototypes emerge on open machines that are connected in various countries. Backlogs aren't part of the process.

3. Low Costs

Traditional CNC machining shops have overhead, including leases and payroll. Working with cloud-based machining companies is completely different. Engineers don't have to pay the excess costs associated with a storefront facility. Every item comes from a self-sufficient company with minimal payroll. 

In fact, most of the machining process is automated. This fact translates into a low cost for buyers. Go ahead and prototype more parts than normal. The cost won't be as overwhelming as it used to be.

4. Deal With AI 

Traditional CNC machining services often brought salespeople into the fold. It was necessary for production purposes. Currently, cloud platforms use machine learning software to automate responses to a design. Engineers are effectively working with a computer to process their designs.

Gone are the time-consuming processes of upselling a session and negotiating among people. Engineers have the power to move in and out of the system so that designs can be made on nearly an instantaneous level.

5. Discover New Materials 

Engineers want more than just the standard materials during CNC machining processes. Complex parts demand newer materials. Take advantage of a variety of materials found across the globe with cloud-based prototyping. The system recognizes a requested material and forms it at a location with the necessary parts. Costs remain low because of collective negotiations in the industry. Engineers have on-demand power that shows with each order.

Try a CNC quote from 3D Hubs by going online today. With AI combined with expert customer service, engineering designs can emerge with accuracy and speed. Breathe a sigh of relief as material challenges turn into a bounty. Engineers around the world are finding more ways to be creative with nearly infinite choices in the modern age. 

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