3 Basic Facts To Know About Your Car's Speedometer

First Posted: Jul 22, 2019 02:44 PM EDT

Speedometer, as the name implies, helps to monitor the speed of a car. It is a machine incorporated into the car and designed to perform checks and balances for the speeding ability of the car. Usually, it is located at the dashboard and has different speed indicators.

As a car owner, it is important for you to know a few pieces of information about your car accessories, including the speedometer. You should know when it is working excellently and when it is not working properly.

Some of the facts about your speedometer include, but not limited, to the following:

Occasional Accuracy Testing

Your speedometer, just like any other machine, is subjected to forces like wear and tear that can reduce the accuracy. It is therefore your responsibility to undergo the accuracy-test for the machine. If you think if you speedometer is inaccurate, what you could do is to use a stopwatch. Start the watch as you reach a mile marker, and then stop it once you reach the next. The dynamic second hand is your speed. Another option for you is to go to the nearest mechanic shop for accuracy testing of your speedometer.

One major factor for reduction in accuracy is your car tires. The speedometer is designed, on default, based on the movement of the tire. Therefore, torn or damaged tires are likely to affect the accuracy of the speedometer.

Speedometer Faces Problems Too

Apart from the reduction in accuracy, there are many other problems that could arise due to many reasons including faulty mechanism, faulty neighborhood machines, faulty speed head, etc. However, most cars are designed to have effective and efficient communication between the various accessories. One route that a faulty speedometer makes use of is to turn on the Check Engine Light. When this occurs, you have to find a solution to your speedometer's problem(s). You can also replace your speedometer from an online shop.

Actual or Exaggerated Speeding Value?

Are speedometer showing the actual or exaggerated values? Well, to be candid, speedometer is designed to show values greater than your actual speed but never less than your actual speed. This is actually in accordance with the law regulating speeding. Therefore, if you are moving at the rate of 40mph, your speedometer might show 50mph but will never show less than 40mph.

The speedometer was given birth due to the advancement in technology. Ever since then, its usefulness can never be over-emphasize for it has helped many in regulating their speeds, thereby preventing accidents and the likes.

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