The Science Behind Having Beautiful Lawn

First Posted: Jun 14, 2019 11:58 AM EDT

Science basically refers to knowledge. so, in a nutshell, this article would talk about the knowledge required to tend grass to give you a beautiful lawn.

A beautiful gives you a sense of calm and peace when you are around it and it is also beneficial to the beautiful. When you are inside you are in an apartment, you won't think much about grasses or lawns.

When you step outside, you will find yourself thinking about and appreciating one if you see it. Let us focus on the purpose of the article which is knowledge of grass.

There are more than 9000 species of grass known worldwide. You must have seen a beautiful grass landscape in your neighbor's home and just wondering what makes his lawn so.

Understand the needs

Grasses like any other plant need three things to thrive. These things are sunlight, water, and nutrients. If you meet these needs then having a golf course - looking lawn won't be difficult to have.


Meeting the above needs without good soil won't change anything. Grass depends on its root system for stability. The roots absorb water as well as nutrients but all these it can only do if the soil is good.

To achieve that greenish beautiful lawn you must have good soil to start with. Good soil must not be too compact so the air can breath and this why clay soil is bad for your lawn. It must not be too loose so it can retain water for the roots to absorb.

When you get soil with these qualities, you are one step closer to achieving your goal.

Know your grass

To have a beautiful lawn, you must use the right grass. This would depend on some factors such as the temperature of your environment as well as the amount of rainfall and the quantity of sunlight available in your environment.

Grasses have different types. There are some that thrive in cold regions or conditions such as winter. Example of this type is Kentucky bluegrass.

Others thrive in a warm environment. The example of these ones is Bermuda grass. It is also important to choose grass with the availability of water in your area taken into consideration.

Having a beautiful greenish lawn is not possible but you need to consider the above steps and others before you can achieve this.

For more amazing facts and tips about lawns visit Wikilawn's Definitive Guide to Lawn Care

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