What Are The Amazing Uses Of Polyethylene Glycols?

First Posted: Dec 04, 2018 11:54 AM EST

When the substance ethylene glycol polymerizes, it creates units called polyethylene glycols - you may recognize them better by the common term PEGs. They are categorically divided by their molecular weight, with the lightest maintaining a liquid state and the heaviest being solid. The versatile materials can be utilized for a great number of tasks and placed in a variety of chemical formulations. To find out if your business could benefit from polyethylene glycols, see their amazing uses below.

PEGs are known for being highly versatile and very valuable to the industrial field. Features like natural lubricity and water solubility make them ideal for lubricants used to manage and preserve specialized machinery. They are painless to clean up and they won't stain the materials that they may come in contact with, like metal or fabric. They are non-toxic and non-corrosive, so they pose no risk to workplace safety or the organization's equipment.

Many relevant products use polyethylene glycols in their assembly or their formulations - they are often used in paper production for colour stabilizing and commercial cosmetics as moisturizers. Here is a brief list of other potential purposes for PEGs:

  •  Ingredients for soaps and detergents
  •  Inert ingredients in insecticides
  •  Humectants for inks
  •  Anti-static agents for textiles
  •  Plasticizers for ceramics
  •  Mold release agents for rubber
  •  Modifiers in latex paints and shellacs

Any business that participates in those previously-mentioned services or that manufactures those products should consider getting a supply of polyethylene glycols. For instance, if your organization requires superior lubrication for machinery and important equipment, you should get the multi-faceted materials from industrial lubricant suppliers. The industrial chemical company CCC Chemicals would be an excellent resource that your business can turn to.

The supplier is more than a convenient choice that has the chemical ingredient you are looking for - they are one of the leading chemical supply companies in the country and the tenth largest independent distributor in North America. They have a stellar reputation because of their superior customer service and their extensive product knowledge. Their in-house technical assistants work hard to guarantee that customers leave with the right chemical solutions.

They have an impressive portfolio filled with innovative products sourced from top manufacturers and developers across the globe. One of the supplier's business partners and long-time vendors is the organization Dow Coating Materials - they create innovative technologies that enhance the performances of paints and coatings.

The company is the original source for CCC Chemical's extensive list of binders, rheology modifiers and surfactants, along with polyethylene glycol products designed for industrial applications. Their product line Carbowax PEGs is helpfully divided by molecular weight and form so that clients can have an easier time finding the best match for their needs.

Whether your business wants to keep their machines lubricated and running smoothly or wants to improve product formulations for your customer base, you will want to get your hands on this special chemical material. No matter what field you're in, you will appreciate the advantages that polyethylene glycols bring to the table.

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