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Microsoft Recently Unveils Holographic Near-Eye Displays For Virtual And Augmented Reality

First Posted: May 22, 2017 06:28 AM EDT

Microsoft is one of the companies that push the limits to create impressive augmented reality devices. Microsoft is still developing for an augmented reality device that would hopefully bring a huge change in the tech industry. As for now, the mainstream augmented reality is still limited on smartphones just like most other applications.

According to Mashable, there is a Microsoft research team that is focusing on making a wearable augmented reality device. The team successfully made a prototype. The Microsoft team recently unveiled a pair of glasses that uses near-eye displays that are capable of producing holograms to the wearer. The near-eye holographic device has optics that can easily fit inside the regular pair of glasses.

There are a lot of technologies nowadays that claim that a certain device is a holographic one, but it is not. Real holography needs a laser that generates 3D images. Microsoft also tackled some problems in generating those holograms but its research team took advantage of eye-tracked rendering and GPU-boosted algorithms that are capable of making high-detailed holograms in real time.

As per Engadget, Microsoft is still having limitations on its augmented reality glasses. As for now, the glasses can only produce a monoscopic picture, and producing a stereoscopic image is another challenge for Microsoft.

If Microsoft's plans come together, people might see a real holographic display that will be comfortable to wear soon. The device will be very helpful for doctors, designers, gamers or any other users who simply want to plunge into augmented reality without using a bulky headset.

A few years ago, Microsoft already introduced the HoloLens. The HoloLens is a very sophisticated augmented reality device that is designed to change the way how users use their computers. HoloLens is all about placing interactive holograms in the real world, and so far, people responded well to this device. HoloLens is being sold for $3,000. 

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