Consuming Much Cheese May Heighten The Risk Of Breast Cancer, Yet Yogurt Lessens The Risk

First Posted: Mar 11, 2017 03:07 AM EST

A new study reveals that eating much cheddar and cream cheeses may heighten the risk of breast cancer. On the other hand, yogurt could lessen the risk of the said condition.

The findings of the study were published in the journal Current Developments in Nutrition. It was led by Susan McCann, Ph.D., of the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY, and other colleagues. The researchers stated that this complexity is not predicted, because dairy foods are complex mixtures. Also, these include various nutrients and non-nutrient substances that could potentially affect cancer etiology, through either increases or decreases in risk, as noted by Medical News Today.

In the study, the team assessed the data from Roswell Park Data Bank and Biorepository from 2003 to 2014. These involved data of 4,941 women with breast cancer and 4,237 women without the said disease. They asked the women to complete a questionnaire including how much each dairy product and how many dairy products they ate each month.

The results showed that there was a high total dairy intake linked with a 15 percent lower breast cancer risk. The reduction rate is due to a high yogurt intake, in which women who ate much yogurt have about 39 percent lower risk of acquiring breast cancer. On the other hand, the high intake of cheese, particularly the cheddar and cream cheese heightened the risk of cancer by about 53 percent, according to 9 News.

Christine Ambrosone, Ph.D. and chair of the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control, said that this study of the differences among women and their dairy products intake offers a significantly new understanding of the risk factors that are linked with breast cancer. She further said that while diet is thought to be responsible for 30 percent of all cancers, they hope that further studies will aid them to fully understand which food could reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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