Dare To Swim In Hawaii's Lava With Selfie Stick? This Man Just Did It (Video)

First Posted: Feb 10, 2017 03:30 AM EST

Some people are just head over heels about lava. Well, this man could be one of those as he swam near Hawaii's lava entry and took images of the steaming lava as it poured into the sea.

Kawika Singson, a Hawaii-based photographer, was taking photos of the lava flowing from Kilauea volcano into the ocean off the coast of the Big Island when it just surprised him to see a man swimming near the lava entry. He then filmed the man taking photos of the lava. The swimmer asked not to be named to protect his identity.

Singson uploaded the video to his YouTube channel last week. His fans were astonished of this film. Singson described it as extremely dangerous and did not recommend to anyone to do this.

The Huffington Post reports that lava is hot and could reach up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The mixture of lava and seawater generates a harmful scorching steam and volcanic glass.

Meanwhile, Janet Babb, a geologist, said that it is super-heated steam laced with hydrochloric acid from the interaction with the seawater and has shards of volcanic glass. She added that it is something to be avoided. 

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park stated that about thousands of guests all around the world visit the place and would like to see the bright-orange lava pop and sizzle. The lava oozes across the rugged terrain, and when the hot rocks hit the water, they expel plumes of steam and gas, according to Fox News.

Jessica Ferracane, the spokeswoman of the Park, said that area could be dangerous. She further said that everybody wants to see the lava flow, but not everybody should be hiking out there. Some hikers get close to the lava zone and the soles of their shoes get hot. They suffer from lacerations as they cross the jagged landscape.

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