'PlayStation 3 Console' Latest News: Sony To Pay $55 To Original PS3 Owners, States Class Action Lawsuit

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 06:24 AM EDT

It has been a decade since Sony launched its PlayStation 3 in the market costing as much as $600 on the first purchase. Well, as is being reported, you just might be able to get some of that purchase money back. Thanks to the Six years old class action lawsuit, Sony has recently reached a settlement in which the PS3 console manufacturer could pay you $55. This is really a good news for all those who purchased the original PlayStation 3 a few years back.

What's The Lawsuit About?

According to the settlement notice issued earlier this week, all those users who bought the original PlayStation 3 Fat model from Nov. 1, 2006, to April 1, 2010, from authorized US retailers can submit claims to receive a cash payment of $55. Sony is paying out for the settlement as a result of a class-action lawsuit filed after the company had released a firmware update that disabled Linux to be run on the machine.

Syracuse reports that all those PS3 Users who wanted to use the "Other OS" feature on their console could have opted for not upgrading to 3.21, but doing that they would have disabled their Console's access to the PlayStation Network. At the time of the release of the update, Sony stated it as a security-related move but critics considered it as an anti-piracy play. Some PS3 buyers, as obvious as it sounds, were not pleased with this change and sued Sony in retaliation, citing false advertising, breach of warranty, and several other offenses, according to Polygon.

The Settlement So Far And How to Claim it:

While a California judge shut down the case in 2011, it came back to the surface following an appeal in 2014. This year finally reached a settlement; Sony has agreed to pay the PlayStation 3 users $55. The Tech Giant, however, still maintains that its decision wasn't wrong.

To claim the $55, you'll have to provide a proof of purchase for the PlayStation console and also that you used the 'Other OS' feature. The proof of PS3 purchase can be a receipt or any other documentation that shows the location and date of your purchase. You can also use the serial number of your PS3 console and your PlayStation Network sign-in ID. To verify that you did use the 'Other OS' function you'll have to find a proof of your Linux purchase, a screenshot of Linux on your PS3, or any other such documented proof.

However, those who have submitted a claim but don't have a proof they used the 'Other OS' feature will only get $9. All other information of the claim can be found on the settlement page. The Last date for submission is December 7.

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