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Windows 10 Anniversary Treats: How To Install The Ubuntu Linux On Windows

First Posted: Jul 14, 2016 05:59 AM EDT

Windows 10 Anniversary Update will make the operating system running with Ubuntu Linux and Unity Desktop. Also, the update will allow users to run Ubuntu Bash on Windows 10 on Aug. 2, bringing in more features like the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

The Ubuntu Linux was successfully ran by developers with the Unity Desktop. The development seemed exactly like the real Ubuntu installation based on Unity, except that it is running on Windows 10, GitHub reported. The preview has been available for download since April; however, only a number of users were able to attain the desktop Linux app successfully running in Windows.

Ubuntu Linux operating system with Unity has been able to run on Windows 10. The developer was able to make dbus and X server work on Microsoft's Linux port and has been successfully running since then. Microsoft, during the Build 2016, stated that they will be bringing Ubuntu Linux to Windows 10 soon. According to them, this will be done by porting Linux subsystems into the Windows system. The Ubuntu Linux version will be completely functional following proper mechanics, made more possible by the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Redditor w2qw is the developer who found a solution to incorporate Ubuntu Linux into Windows and ran the original applications like Mozilla Firefox and virtual-manager successfully. The developer was able to run Unity inside Windows Linux Subsystem by making different alterations in the CompizConfig Settings Manager GUI tool for Compiz.  

The Ubuntu Linux version 14.04.4 LTS operating system was running successfully when he made different combinations using XLaunch and VcXsrv for setting up and configuring a Windows X server. The Windows X server, as a result, was not applicable for Unity. Although it was xfce4 that the programmer was able to run, it led to more bugs in the system.

Ubuntu Linux with Unity Desktop on Windows 10 can be run, Reddit instructions posted. 

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