Florida Declares State Of Emergency: Dead Fish, Stinky Waters On Florida Rivers & Beaches

First Posted: Jul 04, 2016 09:07 AM EDT

Florida has declared a state of emergency due to the blue-green algae outbreak on the Florida coastline. This causes the waterways and beaches of Florida to be flooded with toxic elements that affects the lives of the marine animals and triggers skin rashes.

Jordan Schwartz, the owner of the Ohana Surf Shop stated that the animals are in distress and some are dying, the smell is horrible. He further said that you have to wear a mask in the marina and the river. He described it as heartbreaking and there is no end in sight as noted by The Inertia.

Florida Governor declared a state of emergency in St. Lucie, Martin counties, Lee and Palm Beach due to the algae problem on Thursday. The local politicians and the residents are blaming the federal government. Gabriella Ferraro, a spokeswoman for Martin County describe is as a guacamole-thick and it stinks. Likewise, Mary Radabaugh, a Martin County resident said that smell is so bad it will make you gag. She further said that they have red eyes and scratch throats and they can smell it in their office. She added that it is terrible, as noted by Reuters.

The algae bloom started at Lake Okeechobee, which is the largest lake in Florida. It is used as a drinking water reservoir to a runoff repository for surrounding farmland. The algae bloom quickly spread to the surrounding beaches. It covered the whole lake and spilled in the estuary and into the ocean, according to CNN.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection advises the people to steer clear of discolored water and not to use it to water their lawns. Some health concerns include respiratory problems and vomiting.


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