UFO Sighting Witnessed By 100 People? ‘Mass Hysteria’ Likely The Cause, Skeptics Say

First Posted: Jun 10, 2016 05:30 AM EDT

Alien sensation has reported over 100 people as witnesses to a strange UFO formation in the desert skies at a recent alien chaser conference. In an interview, a female pilot claimed that she, along with her boyfriend, had seen four UFOs in the desert while at the contact in the Desert conference held in the Joshua Tree National Park, California.

The woman, a lawyer whose name has not been revealed yet, said that the alleged alien spacecraft emerged on Saturday night during an exclusive skywatch event. Her story was reported to the Mutual UFO Network that probes about UFO cases around the globe.

Now, another report about the incident was filed with MUFON, which claims that there were, in fact, more UFOS, and that over a hundred people had seen the mysterious triangle formation.

Moreover, Kristie Cowans filed a report to MUFON that claims about an attempt by skywatchers CE-5 contact to call on the presence of UFOs by meditation prior to the phenomenon. She recalled that the event happened at 10 pm local time on Saturday and that she had her stargazing binoculars and a green laser, Express reported.

Cowans also pointed out that there was a small airport to the south, while a Marine Base on the northeast, yet all the "UFO" activity came from the west going to the east.  She also noted that as they started to see several stars, planes, planets and satellites as included in the process of looking at what was above them, something unexpected occurred. She recalled a line of seven UFOs that fly faster than the speed of satellites and as high as helicopters and planes from the west over the mountains and then disappeared to the east, Click On Detroit reported.

Alien skeptics, however, are saying that in events where several people attend, especially when they are determined to see something, mass hysteria could likely happen and the memory can become distorted or exaggerated. Some even believe that the drones could have led to the sighting, and since it was a conference about UFO, it could have some pranksters that fly overhead during the skywatch.

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