A Vertical-Lift Flying Car Is The Most Advanced Personal Aircraft, Aims For Take Off In 2018

First Posted: May 09, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

The four aviation engineers from the Technical University of Munich in Germany, who founded the Lilium Aviation had designed an electric two-seater aircraft which will take just 20 hours to learn to fly and travel at the speed of 250 mph. This is considered the most advanced personal aircraft ever built. It is set to take off two years from now.

Lilium Aviation stated that this will open a door to a new class of environmentally friendly planes. Daniel Wiegand, the CEO and of the company's founder said their goal is to develop an aircraft for use in emergency life, according to Telegraph.

"We are going to a plane that can take off and land vertically and does not need the complex and expensive infrastructure of an airport." He further said that they are using electric engines so that it can be used close to urban areas and to reduce noise and pollution.

Discovery News reports that the vehicle's quiet all-electric engine could be a real park-in-the driveway type of flying car for urban and suburban commuting. The novel aircraft also features a computer-assisted piloting system that only needs 20 hours of training.

The most advanced personal aircraft is classified as a Light Sports Aircraft. It is assigned to fly in unoccupied air space to a maximum height of three kilometers or less than two miles.

It has a maximum velocity of 250mph and a maximum takeoff weight of 600 kg or more than 1,300 lbs. The inventors also aim for a range of about 500 km or about 300 miles. The Lilium aircraft will take off vertically from anywhere -with just an open flat area that is about 50 ft. by 50 ft. (15m x 15m).

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