Alcohol Brings Momentary Happiness, Study Confirms

First Posted: May 07, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

Alcohol can make people happier for a brief moment, according to study. However, those long hours of drinking will never make them become more satisfied with their lives, as shown from people with drinking problems who have found to be less satisfied as well.

While alcohol's effect on the person's happiness is frequently the subject of discussion regarding the policy and regulation of alcohol, it has been a seldom topic of a an academic research. The government had only used an economist's hypothesis that each one should frequently act rationally for their good, even if addicted to or drunk with alcohol.  

The study, headed by Dr. Ben Baumberg, a social policy expert, looked into how drinking and the happiness of people change at the same time. Together with the other author Dr. George MacKerron of the University of Sussex, Dr Baumberg used a traditional method of study and an iPhone-based app to come up with the findings.  

Based on the findings, it was evident that there was no relation between happiness and alcohol drinking after considering other factors like an illness that could affect a person's well being. However, an exception was noted in scenarios where alcohol developed into a problem, which results in decreased feelings of well being,  Ask Men reported.

While the authors acknowledged that being completely sure that alcohol causes momentary happiness is not easy, the study also considered other factors that are likely to explain the connection between happiness and alcohol. They both agreed that the participants in the study do not represent the entire population. Nonetheless, the study provided some strong evidence when the policymakers used to have nothing to depend on except for those "pub talks," according to Eurekalert.

Alcohol policy and regulation are expected to benefit from this research study, as policymakers can now consider happiness in their cost-benefit evaluations, hence, creating better and clear decisions regarding which policies are going to benefit the entire population and which would not.

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