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Wind Turbines Threaten Breeding Success For Wildlife, White Tailed Eagles At Risk

Rosanna Singh
First Posted: Oct 19, 2015 03:34 PM EDT

A recent study found that the increasing numbers of wind turbines may reduce the breeding success of species such as the white-tailed eagle, according to a news release.

Wind power is a renewable energy source that plays an essential and important role in climate change and in reducing global warming. However, the new study revealed that wind power on a large scale may significantly reduce the breeding of many bird species, such as the white-tailed eagle, most likely due to collision mortality, according to the researchers.

"As wind farms are expected to expand in the future, we need to be aware of their potential negative effects on various species," said Fabio Balotari-Chiebao, lead author of the study.

Even though wind turbines are a useful renewable energy source, they present varying setbacks to wildlife. The rotor blades on wind turbines causes varying amounts of noise pollution and aesthetic pollution within the environments that they are present. The turbine blades often result in severe damages to local wildlife, and birds are injured and killed by flying into the rotors.

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"The implementation of preventive measures aimed at the protection of species that are vulnerable to turbine-related incidents will allow the use of this energy source without compromising the local biodiversity," Balotari-Chiebao said. 

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