Vermont Woman Disfigured by Lye Attack Reveals New Face after Face Transplant

First Posted: May 02, 2013 06:05 AM EDT

Carmen Blandin Tarleton, who was left disfigured by her estranged husband, received a complete face transplant in February with the help of donors and family. The domestic abuse victim finally revealed her new reconstructed face to the world during a news conference held Wednesday at the Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Tarleton was doused with industrial-strength lye by her then-husband Hebert Rodger June 10, 2007. The incident left her burned, blinded and scarred for the rest of her life.

Donor Cheryl Denelli Righter's daughter Marinda embraced Tarleton on Tuesday saying, "I get to feel my mother's skin again. I get to see her freckles. Through you I get to see my mother live on. This is truly a blessing," as reported by Boston Globe. Righter passed away at the age of 56 after suffering from a sudden stroke.

"I have been on this incredible journey for the past six years and receiving this wonderful gift ends this chapter of my life," Tarleton was quoted as saying in Daily Mail.

The surgery has drastically reduced the pain and discomfort in her neck and Tarleton has started to regain control on her lips. In a few months, the sensation will return to her face. She has limited vision in the left eye and is blind in the right eye.

Reports according to The Associated Press state that the entire procedure took place over a period of 15 hours and included a medical team of more than 30 surgeons, who gave Tarleton new facial skin, tendons, muscles and nerves. She is the first person to have received a complete face transplant despite the fact that her immune system had several antibodies from dozens of blood transfusions.

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