How BurstIQ Is Leading the Way for COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

First Posted: Aug 22, 2021 07:40 PM EDT
How BurstIQ Is Leading the Way for COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

(Photo : How BurstIQ Is Leading the Way for COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking )

As the race is on to give out the COVID-19 vaccine, it is, understandably, a massive undertaking. In order to roll out the vaccine to millions of people across the US, it demands coordination with the best solutions, not just as far as the rollout is concerned, but a variety of other components as well. BurstIQ is leading the way for tracking COVID-19 vaccines; how are they doing this?

Who is BurstIQ? 

BurstIQ is providing help to the health industry with technologies to allow health data to be connected in a variety of ways. Their vision is about having access to data and owning it. Healthcare businesses need to have access to end-to-end enabled systems to deal with the combination of components involved in health data. From computing to data exchange, as well as big data management, BurstIQ are working with health companies and businesses within the industry to integrate their platforms into one seamless practice, therefore streamlining their approaches and benefiting every part of the chain. Operating through a blockchain-enabled network, BurstIQ enables businesses to share data across organizations. As the blockchain is a decentralized component, data is firmly in the hands of the owners.

"Reports of vaccine distribution errors underscore the vital role that connecting data plays in responding to this phase of the pandemic. BurstIQ is connecting services in a way that data can be trusted by patients, payers, manufacturers, and governments. Trusted data brings together all the context of that data and is critical to success in battling the pandemic." -Frank Ricotta

How is BurstIQ Helping With Vaccine Tracking?

As time is of the essence, the administrative components of managing the vaccine demand a streamlined approach to allow health departments and providers to help roll the vaccine out through a simple structure:

Inventory Management

The importance of managing the vaccine comprises a number of components. From the serial number to the lot number, as well as the available inventory, inventory management conducted through BurstIQ allows health organizations to track serial numbers, the temperature needed for the specific vaccine, and receive notifications from the CDC and FDA database.

Point of Administration

The vaccine demands a comprehensive approach to the most basic of processors. To provide total care continuity and collaboration, the data is sent to an EMR. In addition, if it helps patients utilizing the database automatically to check for essential notifications. There is no room for administrative errors in the vaccine's rollout, whether this is in relation to the dose of the vaccine or if people are missed from getting their jab. The point of administration automatic database checks provides a comprehensive and detailed practice.

Scheduling and Follow-Up Components

For the patients to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, it comprises a number of different elements to flow together effectively. Scheduling the appointments, notifying the patients on how they should conduct themselves just after the vaccine, and symptom tracking and illness tracking, are all key elements. As a patient needs to understand every step of their journey before, during, and after each dose of the vaccine, scheduling becomes vital at this juncture.

Patient Monitoring

While the race is on for the vaccine, this means that there's a lot of focus on the numbers, but we cannot underestimate the importance of the individual. The BurstIQ vaccine tracking system helps to identify patients for recalls or events by sending an e-card. It also notes any unique issues regarding the individual patient, for example, if they need additional care or are hospitalized. Because of the need for one system, this provides a streamlined effort for health organizations while also ensuring the patient doesn't get lost in the cracks. With healthcare systems existing on a variety of platforms, this can dramatically compound the risk of human error. In healthcare, human error is not acceptable, in the midst of a pandemic, it means a patient could be vulnerable to specific side effects of the vaccine, or may not get it at all.

Telehealth Features

Telehealth, delivering healthcare services via telecommunication or electric technology, has proven invaluable throughout this pandemic. BurstIQ's vaccine tracker system also incorporates telehealth scheduling. This allows for patients or professionals to schedule future appointments. Using a scheduling system that comes directly from the platform means easy access for both patients and medical professionals. This allows continuity, as both sides are aware of how their individual case is progressing.

BurstIQ is a company looking to streamline and simplify the healthcare industry. This has never been needed more than in the midst of a pandemic. When the Spanish Flu hit in 1918, the only option was to communicate through snail mail or, at best, a telephone if it was available. Now we are facing the most significant threat for 100 years. Organization and continuity have never been more essential, and now as the vaccine rollout is in full force, it demands a system to keep track of every single component.

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