How Print is Slowly Digitizing, But Still Indispensable

First Posted: Aug 11, 2021 04:40 PM EDT
How Print is Slowly Digitizing, But Still Indispensable

(Photo : How Print is Slowly Digitizing, But Still Indispensable)

You can't think of anything and have it printed with a logo or your own design. Because the developments in the field of printing are going very quickly, you can print on almost any material, so nowadays there are many more possibilities than just printing a flyer or polo shirt (translation: polo bedrukken). Also, a lot of printing is being replaced by digital options.

Although printing is slowly becoming digital, print remains indispensable. Offline and digital printing in the mix works best and here's why.

Digital wristbands

You can print wristbands (translation: polsbandjes bedrukken) with an (RFID) chip. Digital wristbands can be used for many applications. They can replace cash at events. In addition, you can use wristbands with chips as keys. Therefore, they are not only useful at festivals and events, but also in offices! Another example with the same technology are plastic cards. You may know these as cards used to open hotel rooms. They are also used as bank cards. Digital wristbands can be printed with a logo or text of your choice.  

Comeback of QR codes

QR codes have made a comeback during the corona pandemic. It saves a lot of touching with tangible printed matter, such as a menu. A QR code sticker is easily scanned with your phone. A popular print product with QR codes are QR stickers that you can stick on a table or window. 

Look at your target group

Many companies no longer send mail, but everything via email. This not only saves costs, but also the environment. Yet it is not always better. Think of older people who are not so technical. Some companies therefore leave the choice up to the recipient, so you can just receive mail if you prefer.

Digital printing is not always better!

Although much can be done digitally and this is also very good for the environment, it is not always better! People like to receive something tangible sometimes. In addition, for the best results it is better to combine offline and online marketing. This strengthens each other and creates a good mix.

What printed material have you digitized and what not?

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