How Digital India Program is Empowering People?

First Posted: Jul 07, 2021 04:05 AM EDT
How Digital India Program is Empowering People?

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Digital India Program is a plan by the Indian Government to make sure that Government services are available to the citizens online through the internet by improving the online infrastructure and increasing internet connectivity across the country. This scheme was introduced in July 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

The main aim of this scheme is to provide internet connectivity in the rural areas and also provide government services online to make it easier for the citizens to avail the services. This scheme will also empower society by changing India into a digitally powerful society and making the general public knowledgeable by influencing IT as a growth engine.

Objectives of Digital India Program

  • Developing a Secure and Stable Infrastructure
  • Providing Government Services and Schemes Digitally
  • Improving Digital Literacy

Digital India Program is definitely helping the public by providing services to the citizens easily and making them more knowledgeable. Let's have a closer look at how Digital India Program is empowering people across the country:

No Need to Stand in Long Queues

Prior to the Digital India Program, it was mandatory for every citizen to stand in long queues and apply for various schemes. Not only did citizens have to stand in queue but they also had to visit the Government offices for even the littlest of things. 

With the Digital India Program, all of this is not required now. Any person can apply for any Government Scheme and Service online without having to visit any government offices and all the applications can be submitted online with your digital signature and you can also pay for the services through the government e-pay service. 

No Need for Submission of Document Every Time

As a part of the Digital India program, there would be no need to visit the government office or stand in long queues to submit your documents. When you are applying for any government services or scheme then you can do it online through the internet and you needn't submit your documents in any government office, you can submit your documents on an online digital locker provided by the government.

Your documents will be saved in online digital lockers and whenever you need to submit your documents for any scheme or services, you can get your documents from the digital locker and share these with government departments.

Modern Post-Offices

As a part of the Digital India Program, the current Post-Offices across the country will now function as cyber cafes which will help those citizens who don't have modern electronic devices or internet availability. 

Through the Digital India Program, the Government plans to transform post offices into multi-service kiosks across the country through which an ordinary citizen with no internet connectivity can apply for various Government schemes and services.

High-Speed Internet

The Government of India is setting up a new Internet service called Bharat Net as a part of the Digital India Program. It is an affordable, high-speed internet service for internet connectivity all over the country. The service would use optical fiber cables and provide high-speed internet across the country at an affordable rate so, even an ordinary citizen can access the internet.

Initiatives Under Digital India Program

Here are some of the initiatives from various fields under the Digital India Program:

Aadhaar: It is a unique identification number issued by the Government of India that serves as a proof of identity and address.

Agrimarket App: It is a mobile application to keep the farmers informed about the crop prices and avoid distress sale.

BanglarBhumi: BanglarBhumi is an online portal by the Government of West Bengal through which the residents of the state can check various land records.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao: Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao is a scheme by the Government of India to generate awareness among the general public regarding the education of girl children.

UP Ration Card: The Government of Uttar Pradesh provides Ration Card to all the eligible citizens to get ration food at the subsidy rate every month.

DigiLocker: DigiLocker is a cloud-based document storage system by the Government of India. 

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