How You Can Protect Backup Data with Veeam Immutable Backup

First Posted: Jul 05, 2021 09:33 PM EDT
How You Can Protect Backup Data with Veeam Immutable Backup

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While the digital age we live in has benefitted businesses in many ways, it has also brought with it a range of risks, largely those stemming from problems such as cybercrime. Most businesses these days are well aware of the importance of backing up files and data, with many turning to solutions such as cloud backup. However, what many do not think about is the importance of protecting that backed-up data.

When you backup data to the cloud, it provides you with some level of protection in the event of cyber attacks such as ransomware, as you can then remove the infected files and restore them from your clean cloud backup. However, if your cloud backup is also affected by the attack, you have limited options. Using solutions such as Veeam immutable backup means that you can also protected your backup data by locking it against medication or deletion for a specified period. In this article, we will learn more about this.

A Simple Solution for Business Backup Data and Files

This is something that provides a very effective and simple solution when it comes to protecting backed-up data and files. Businesses these days need to find solutions that are both affordable and effective, and this is something that can help. Some of the ways in which using a solution like this can help to protect your backed-up data are:

Protecting Files from Cybercriminals

One of the key ways in which this type of solution can protect your backup data is by keeping it from the hands of cybercriminals. Problems such as ransomware attacks can be devastating for businesses, and criminals may target both your system files and ones that are backed up as a precaution. This then leaves you with little option other than to see your data and files destroyed or pay the ransom. However, using this type of solution can help to protect your digital files from these criminals.

Avoiding Mistakes

Another of the ways in which this solution can help to protect your backup files is by helping to reduce the risk of mistakes. When a lot of employees have access to the backed-up data, there is a higher chance that mistakes will be made such as accidental changes and modifications or even deletion of files. This could cause huge issues for the business but using solutions such as this can help to reduce the risk of this happening.

Providing Affordable Protection

It is very important for businesses to find the right protective measures for their digital files, but they also need to keep business budgets under control. This is a solution that combines effectiveness with affordability, which means that businesses can enjoy the best of both worlds. This makes it easier and more affordable for your business to protect backed-up data.

These are some of the key ways in which you can use this solution to protect your backup data with minimal hassle involved. 

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