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First Posted: Sep 09, 2020 04:41 PM EDT
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Consumer reviews and independent media consistently tip leading health gadgets like Atmotube Pro Air Quality Monitor, NANO hearing aids and Samsung Galaxy Fit Activity Tracker. We take a closer look at 15 of the best innovations for 2020

Your health and well being should always be a top priority, and with the development of technology maintaining your health is now easier than ever. From dental hygiene to sleep remedies, and hearing aids: there are so many gadgets targeted at making life as easy and healthy as possible. This article will be discussing 15 of the best health gadgets, and what consumers have to say following trial usage.

NANO hearing aids

Nano Hearing Aids is a company that manufactures hearing aids that can be purchased directly from their website. This allows the hearing aids to be much cheaper than those bought through third party medical factions. An audiogram is not needed to purchase Nano Hearing Aids. Nano's technology allows the user to pick different volume settings so that the device can deliver the best combination of sound for your ears.

Consumer reviews for NANO hearing aids

Many consumers praise the company for exceptional customer response and fast replies to queries. In terms of hearing aid comparisons - independent media ranks it quite highly in the market. The main talking point in many of the reviews was the affordable cost point. Nano proves to be profoundly more affordable than any of its competitors, but still provides a great quality experience for the users. The device is also easy to use and can be set up by the user at home. The user experience has also largely been that the hearing aids are comfortable and lightweight and fit well in the ear. Each device is rechargeable, and the battery will last a full day, and can then be recharged overnight. (Source: Nano Hearing Aid Reviews)

Core meditation trainer

The Core Meditation Trainer is a small, spherical device you hold in your hands while meditating. It has small dents on its side in which you can place your thumbs, which comfortably sit atop surgical-grade stainless steel sensor dots that measure your body's response to the meditation. The device then provides soft vibrations to help you focus and guide your breathing as ECG sensors measure your mindfulness. The device comes with a companion app that can be used to track your progress. After meditation, the app shows how your body responded to the session, based on your pulse. The app shows your average, maximum, and minimum heart rate. There's also a graph of your heart rate, so you can see how it dipped and climbed during the session.

Consumer reviews for Core meditation trainer

Consumers are enthused about how easy the core meditation trainer makes mediation. Often meditation can be frustrating, and you come away not knowing if you were progressing. The core trainer's app feature now lets you see exactly how many minutes you were focused and calm during your meditation session. The trainer also provides guided meditations which is great for beginners who are just starting out in meditation.

Source: PCMag Core Meditation Trainer Review.

DoDow Sleep Aid Device

This is a device that helps users fall asleep using light and breathing techniques. There are various sleep settings that users can choose from, depending on how much time they want to set aside for the relaxation exercise. Once the timer is set the device will project a blue light on the ceiling, you will then inhale as it enlarges and exhale as it retracts. At the end of the exercise, the device will automatically switch itself off.

Consumer reviews for DoDow Sleep Aid Device

Consumers are highly enthusiastic about this device and over 500 000 have claimed to sleep better when using the Dodow device. The device is small and compact which makes it easy for traveling, and can be taken with you wherever you go. Consumers do however mention that the light is not very bright, but rather a dim blue projection on the ceiling and some consumers struggle to focus on such a dim projection.

Samsung Galaxy Fit Activity Tracker

This is a smartwatch that tracks users' activities and helps them reach their fitness goals. It is able to track step count, distance, heart rate, and sleep accurately. The watch has an elegant design and is incredibly compact for all the features built into it. The watch can also be connected to your smartphone so that it can receive notifications. The watch also supports automatic recognition for activities like the treadmill, walking, running, elliptical, rowing, and dynamic workouts.

Consumer reviews for Samsung Galaxy Fit Activity Tracker

The Galaxy Fit delivered solid, consistent results to users. It also impressed many consumers by managing to cram in smartwatch features that perform well despite the small display. It's important to note that the Galaxy Fit requires two apps to measure the data collected-the dedicated Galaxy Fit app and the Samsung Health app. The Fit app is what you use to pair the tracker to your phone via Bluetooth. Consumers complain that having two apps makes for a more cumbersome experience.

PomaBrush Electric Silicone Toothbrush

The is an electric toothbrush that only needs to be recharged 3 times a year. The entire brush is made from silicone which makes it ideal for people with sensitive gums and teeth. On the website, it claims that the silicone won't hurt your gums or enamel even if you brush more than twice a day. Silicone bristles wear out far slower than those made of nylon. So, you'll only need to change brush heads less than once every 6 months. An integrated timer vibrates every 30 seconds to notify you that it is time to change to the next quarter of the mouth.

Consumer reviews for PomaBrush Electric Silicone Toothbrush

Consumers say that the PomaBrush is attractive and a pleasure to use. Users felt that It left their teeth feeling clean and the silicone brush head was an especially good option for people who needed gentler care for their gums. Consumers felt that this electric toothbrush is simpler and more straightforward than most on the market, and would especially suit people who travel often.

Foreo IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager

Foreo's IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager vibrates over the eye area to encourage drainage, promote circulation, and stimulate cellular turnover. The company claims that using this device continuously will result in fewer fine lines, reduced puffiness, enhanced skin density, and a firmer eye contour. The device is ergonomic, lightweight, and 100% waterproof. It also features eight speed-settings and provides up to 140 uses per charge.

Consumer reviews for Foreo IRISTM Illuminating Eye Massager

Most users felt that the facial lines around their eyes have gotten smoother since using the Foreo device. Consumers also note that it has reduced their dark circles and puffiness. One user states, "My eye cream absorbs much better and everyone keeps complimenting me on how refreshed I look. I owe that to this amazing product.".

GLO Science GLO LitTM Teeth Whitening Tech Kit

GLO Lit is a teeth whitening device that uses light & heat to accelerate the teeth whitening process. The GLO Lit Teeth Whitening Tech Kit contains all the products you need to whiten your teeth right at home. To whiten your teeth all you need to do is brush on the gentle, dripless hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, in the GLO Lit mouthpiece. Then place the mouthpiece in your mouth covering your teeth, and let the blue LED light & gentle warming heat accelerate your results.

Consumer reviews for GLO Science GLO LitTM Teeth Whitening Tech Kit

Consumers love how easy this device is to use, and that you can choose how many times to do the treatment depending on the color of your teeth and how prone you are to sensitivity. Users love that the whitening gel is also vegan and nontoxic and most felt that the entire process was quick and hassle-free.

Hyperice Hypersphere

This is a battery-powered massage ball that has different vibration settings that allow you to target muscles that are sore from exercise or other activities. The device is great for improving grip strength, flexibility, range of motion, and circulation. The relatively small size also makes the HYPERSPHERE easy to pack in your gym bag or even in your suitcase

Consumer reviews for Hyperice Hypersphere

The size of the Mini is very popular amongst users, as they say, it is easy to use, and pack away. It is also ideal to pack in your gym bag and even in your luggage if you are traveling as it's TSA-approved. Consumers also appreciate the fact that it's much more affordable than similar devices on the market and they say that it works well as long as you keep it charged up.

Atmotube Pro Air Quality Monitor

This is a portable air quality monitor that detects fine particles and volatile organic compounds and reports them in real-time. If a person is exposed to air pollution over an extended period of time, it can lead to heart disease, respiratory problems, and even dementia. This device helps users remain aware of the quality of the air around them.

Consumer reviews for Atmotube Pro Air Quality Monitor

One consumer mentions that "At 105g, the AtmoTube Pro is so compact and easy to carry around that I would frequently forget it was physically with me if it weren't for the air quality data constantly streaming live on my phone's screen.". Consumers say that they enjoyed having the AtmoTube Pro, and seeing how the air quality indoors would vary.

Hyperice Vyper 2.0

The Vyper 2.0 is a high-intensity vibrating fitness roller that can be used during warm-ups to prevent muscle injury, or it can be used post-exercise as a way to recover faster. The powerful exterior roller provides relief for muscle tension or injuries. The Hyperice is cordless and has a compact design for ease of use anywhere.

Consumer reviews for Hyperice Vyper 2.0

Consumers say that the vibrating roller is able to target the problem area without any difficulty. The density of the roller is firm and allows for a person to put their full body weight on it while stretching. Consumers say that it is a wonderful tool to soothe sore muscles.

Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer

This is a kegel trainer for women who want a stronger pelvic floor, better bladder control, faster postnatal recovery, and enhanced intimacy. The company claims that users should see results in less than 4 weeks. The trainer is placed inside the vagina and connected to a phone app that will guide you through a series of fun five-minute workouts. With regular use, it can improve a host of issues including bladder control and orgasms, in addition to speeding up post-baby recovery and strengthening your pelvic muscles during pregnancy in preparation for childbirth.

Consumer reviews for Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer

Consumers really enjoyed the workouts and the way the app progressively gives users harder and harder exercises to do. One consumer noted that within one week she found a noticeable difference in pelvic floor strength.

Oura Heritage

Oura is a small metal ring that can be worn on your finger. It reads data from the pulses in your finger and summarizes your health data into three meaningful scores that help you harness your body's potential every day. Harnessing the full potential of your body and understanding your health yourself requires discipline, patience, and perspective. Oura aims to simplify this process by mapping your health data over the course of your use, focusing on long-term insights and patterns so you can build healthy practices-every day and over time.

Consumer Reviews for the Oura ring

Users say that the ring is well-constructed, stylish, light charges very fast, pairs easy and quickly, and syncs data reliably. Most users have also felt that the materials used are very durable, and the ring is able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday usage. One user claims that "It's so light that I barely even know I'm wearing it, though it's definitely thicker than a normal ring." The Oura ring also comes with an app that helps users read their health data, and consumers find it intuitive and easy to understand.

Therabody Theragun Prime Start Percussive Therapy Device

This is a massaging device specifically aimed to ease discomfort, soothe tightness and tension, and help users recover faster. The device can be used to warm up muscles to prevent injury during a workout, or it can be used as part of the recovery process after exercise. Another perk is that although it makes use of strong vibrations you can use the device and it makes hardly any sound.

Consumer reviews for Therabody Theragun Prime Start Percussive Therapy Device

Users really enjoy using this device, and one even claimed, "This is one of the best purchases of my life." Consumers say that the device effectively takes away any sort of knots and diminishes the pain significantly. The device is also extremely accurate and allows users to target specific areas that require massage therapy.

HairMax LaserBand 82

The LaserBand 82 is a hairband that you place on your head, and then it delivers therapeutic light energy to your scalp. The laser light stimulates hair follicles, reverses thinning, increases fullness, and restores your hair's natural growth cycle. The hairband incorporates patented hair parting teeth to part your hair during treatment to maximize laser light delivery to your follicles. The hair parting teeth, the laser light intensity, and laser light density work together to provide a treatment that is very effective at supporting new hair growth.

Consumer reviews for HairMax LaserBand 82

Consumers say that after using the device for around 6 months they could see a marked difference in the growth of the hair. Consumers love that it only takes five minutes a few times a week to maintain the light therapy, and the band is very easy to use. Users also say that the band is comfortable and is able to run through the hair smoothly like a com.

TytoHome Remote Exam Kit

Tyto is a handheld exam kit and app that lets you perform guided medical exams with a healthcare provider in the comfort of your own home. The Tyto Device comes with an Exam Camera and Thermometer to check visuals and temperature. It also comes with an Otoscope adaptor for examining the ears and a Stethoscope adaptor for heart and lung sounds. Finally, it also includes a tongue depressor adaptor for the throat. The device is then used in conjunction with the Tyto phone app, that allows you to conduct guided exams with your doctor

Consumer reviews for TytoHome Remote Exam Kit

Consumers enjoy this device because it is small and easily storable. The device is also simple to operate and most users have been able to get accurate results when they have used it. Consumers also enjoy that the device eliminates the need for doctor's visits. And doctors appreciate the fact that it allows them to monitor patients remotely.

Nima Gluten sensor

Nima is capable of testing both liquids and solids, as well as any other kind of edible substance that is suspected to contain gluten. To use it you need to take the food sample that you want to test for gluten and place it inside a disposable capsule. After that, you screw on the lid, which grinds the food sample at the same time for more accurate results. After three minutes, the device will show either a smiley face or a frown, depending on the amount of gluten inside the sample. Then you remove the capsule and replace it with another. You can store test results using Nima's mobile ap.

Consumer reviews for Nima Gluten Sensor

Consumers really enjoy how simple the device is to use, and it gives many people the peace of mind to know they have something with them to be able to always test their food. Users also appreciate the fact that the device is so simple to use, and results are delivered at such a fast speed. The Nima also comes in a transportable case that allows users to travel with it easily.

Final take:

There are so many new devices out there that claim to help you keep track of your health, but how many of them actually work? These gadgets, however, are different. Apart from being well-designed and packed with features, they are also genuinely good at helping you improve your overall health and well-being. It is now easier than ever to take your health and well being into your own hands.

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