Avi Benezra Discusses the New SnatchApp Security Features

First Posted: Sep 09, 2020 04:40 PM EDT
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SnatchApp is a messaging app offering messaging services, calls, and seamless document uploads. SnatchApp also makes use of chatbot integration and is available in 53 languages. The platform was created with the aim of connecting people intelligently and securely.

SnatchBot has already earned its place as a leader in the industry of AI and intelligent chatbots. The company provides services such as offering customer support, data collection, and scalable sales solutions to many companies. The recent introduction of their new innovative product SnatchApp showed how their team is determined to continue providing products that meet the demands of their users. Founder Avi Benezra states, "our emphasis isn't simply on what we do, we focus on how we do it".


Snatchapp was developed by entrepreneurial brothers Avi and Henri Benezra. They saw that there was a huge gap in the market for a messaging app that gave users access to secure encrypted messaging as well as access to chatbots. Providing privacy to its users was a top priority for the Benezra brothers, and it was the driving force behind the whole outlook of the company. 

The brothers wanted to create a messaging application, where secure texting and private communication was always delivered. When asked about his motivation for starting SnatchApp, Avi Benezra stated, "We have a responsibility to contribute to the industry, to create trust during this epic shift humanity is facing."

Avi now manages the SnatchApp Group's long-term technology vision and is responsible for running all aspects of the business. When asked about the future of the company Avi says he, "looks forward to continue making use of creativity and innovation to keep on improving a fulfilling the needs of modern clients."

What makes SnatchApp different?

"The Snatchapp team believes that privacy is a human right that enables innovation and economic growth and which empowers democracy. In today's world user privacy and security continue to remain key issues with most big tech entities, prompting users to re-evaluate their options" says Avi. SnatchApp is the newest contributor in the online messaging sphere. But what sets apart from everyone else in the industry? 

Snatchapp makes its user's privacy a top priority, as it should be. Often knowing how to keep your personal data secure is not as straightforward as you might have thought - apart from data privacy there is the issue of data collection by third-party companies.

An amazing feature that Snatchapp provides, is disappearing messages. The sender can choose to include a timer within a message so that it will disappear within a certain amount of time after the recipient has opened the message. This ensures that conversations can remain private and that chatting on Snatchapp is more like a real-life conversation.

As well as self-deleting messages, the app offers messages that can be hidden - meaning that they are delivered to the user in a "sealed envelope". This means no one can see who you are chatting with, and the content of your message is not displayed on your phone's lock screen. You can also control when others can see your online status and the delivery status of the messages sent to you. SnatchApp is also the first messaging platform that includes a bot-building platform that can be used without a need for coding skills.

Security features on SnatchApp

The SnatchApp team has managed to deliver a solution that now gives military-grade end-to-end encryption to all data sent and received on the platform. Every message sent on SnatchApp is automatically end-to-end encrypted, using industry-standard AES256 encryption to secure your data. This means that from when a message is sent by one person, all the way until it reaches the recipient, it is protected. Because of this data cannot be intercepted or collected by third parties or security breaches. The best part is there are no hidden settings, or terms and conditions. Your data is automatically kept private by default.

Snatchapp does not store any messages on its servers after delivering them, which means content cannot be harvested by third parties. The company also makes use of multiple layers of encryption to power peer-to-peer secure communications.

Snatchapp vs zoom 

While video conferencing software such as Zoom has seen surges in popularity during the pandemic, its recent host of security issues, where people were breaking into private meetings uninvited, have left many users skeptical about communicating online.  The application also does not allow for an end to end encryption on messages sent and received on the platform. When SnatchApp is compared to its major competitors, the messaging application comes out on top when it comes to privacy and security for its users. This is due to its features such as timers and hiding messages. Unlike Zoom, SnatchApp enables users to share their live location - a safety feature many users find very useful. 

SnatchApp vs WhatsApp

SnatchApp stands out among its major competitors such as WhatsApp because it doesn't use its users' data to send them intrusive ads or personalized marketing. Any information collected on SnatchApp is private, and will never be saved to the server. The app also provides free encrypted voice and video calls making it a good alternative  -again being a more low key provider than apps connected with Facebook. 

The platform can be used both for professional and personal use, and it supports video conference calls of up to 10 people at once. Moreover, SnatchApp also allows its users to upload and share files of up to 100MB. While WhatsApp permits only 16MB. Because of this SnatchApp is a good option to consider for professional use. SnatchApp also enables its users to seamlessly add contacts from other accounts (such as Yahoo, Google, and Outlook). 

SnatchApp aims to continue improving the security features offered by the application, and hope to become the most trusted online communication platform in the world. SnatchApp hopes to give users the peace of mind that sensitive communications are always protected. Customers should rest assured that they are always in control with SnatchApp.

To try out the most appropriate version of Snatch App for your device, select one of these options:

Snatch App Web: https://snatchapp.me/en/

iOS version: https://apps.apple.com/app/snatch-app/id1225178149

Android Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Snatch App

Windows Dekstop: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/Snatch App/9nblggh526j6?cid=msft_web_chart&rtc=1&activetab=pivot:overviewtab

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