How Suparatana Bencharongkul is Influencing Technological Revolution in Agriculture through Social Media

First Posted: May 26, 2020 11:35 PM EDT
How Suparatana Bencharongkul is Influencing Technological Revolution in Agriculture through Social Media

(Photo : How Suparatana Bencharongkul is Influencing Technological Revolution in Agriculture through Social Media)

Technology is changing fast and with it new ways of doing things. It is probably the new term for evolution where its's changing conventional ways to new, modern, and more efficient means of carrying out tasks. Scientists, engineers, inventors and programmers spend years hours looking for new ways to do things. As a result, technology has changed everything, even how individuals socialize.  Social media has become the go-to place when we need a friend, entertainment and probably when one needs a boost of self-esteem. Thus, when one thinks of social media, they think friends, likes and celebrities. However, Suparatana Bencharongkul disagrees. She has found a way to introduce Agriculture to social media. She is pioneering in revolutionizing traditional Agriculture in Thailand by introducing technology by using her social media platform.

The fervor for agriculture and technology is not a common observation. However, growing up with her father, Boonchai Bencharongkul, who has the same passion and love for both technology and agriculture, one would expect that the tenet has been engrained. Suparatana's father is a Thailand Telecom billionaire owning the Telecommunications company, DTAC. Being a billionaire's child, one would expect her father to spoil her with laxity and expensive gifts. However, her father rewarded her in inspiration. He inspired her interest in agriculture. Besides, Supraratana has credited her father's interviews for her interest in the field. Today she is the general manager in one of his father's subsidiary Rakbankerd Co. Ltd. The company focuses on revolutionizing traditional agricultural means by integrating technology into farming methods in agriculture. Under her direction, the company has introduced many technological solutions with the main aim of making farming profitable contemporarily so that they can still keep up with the changes in technology, and thus, keeping them in business in the future.

Suparatana is among the earliest people to adopt social media as a "lifestyle influencer" in Asia. When one scrolls down her account (@nina_neungb), it is evident she has a goal. Her profile clearly illustrates the work of innovative agriculturalists. She has shared numerous images, most of which are agriculture-related, in other words. Suparatana, or Nina as she is famously known, has set up her social media platforms as a lifestyle reference for her followers. She has grown to be one of the most popular agricultural influencers in Asia. Realizing the need for technology in agriculture, she has built her social media to encourage technology in agriculture. She relentlessly shares messages about the advantages of integrating technology in the farming processes. 

Thailand relies heavily on the agricultural sector. For instance, in 2018, the country produced at least 22.7 percent of rice exported around the entire globe (Augusta Free Press). However, Nina realized that the country's agricultural sector depends heavily on the traditional methods of farming. She recognized that in a world where most of the industries where most industries are running towards automation, if the country's agricultural sector did not change, it would not be a profitable engagement in the future. Thus, through her firm, Nina has begun revolutionizing agriculture through disruptive applications and services that maximize profit, production, create a better way to handle logistics. She has created a digital agricultural system which collects information more efficiently and more accurately. The collected data then go through analysis, which then gets interpreted so that the farmer can make more informed decisions. Besides that, faster and more accurate data can then get implemented by using software and machinery. Farmers can receive real-time information about the impacts of the actions as they do them or as they consider doing them. To sum, Nina has started a revolution towards achieving more research, and data-oriented Agricultural Industry.

Mobile phones are some of the most widely used gadgets in the world today. Traditional phones got purposed to talk, text, and maybe listen to the radio. However, with trends in technology, mobile phones have become quite useful. In recognition of this fact, Suparatana and her firm have created disruptive mobile phone applications and services Through the use of applications such as Info Application, Nina can spread data she has collected to farmers in real-time. Through these predictions, farmers can improve their product having to increase the piece of land she cultivates.

Additionally, through the use of these technologies, she can improve the efficient use of resources such as fuel, water, fertilizers, and chemicals. In doing so, she effectively reduces carbon footprint and thus, reducing risks. Besides that, she utilizes technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Communication Networks, Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS), Internet of Things, and Robotics.

Suparatana has appeared on many media platforms such as news and blogs about her undertakings in revolutionizing agriculture in Thailand. TNT, for instance, terms what she is doing as "The Thai Agricultural Revolution." The writer continuously explains Nina's passion by describing her as a lover of the earth (TNT Magazine). Besides that, the author points out that Nina's sole purpose is to make technological advancements in Agriculture. Also, another article describes Nina as a philanthropist. The author denotes that Nina picked up this trait from her father. The author also points out that, as a philosopher, one of her principles is the optimal utilization and allocation of resources. These are some of the many articles written about the novel goals and undertakings of Suparatana.  

To sum it up, through all the innovative technologies, Bencharongkul has been able to kick start the revolution of agriculture in Thailand. Before her initiatives, Thailand had a thriving sector; however, the industry faced the threat of being outdated because most of the farmers utilized rough estimations of whether patterns and quantities to use when utilizing resources. As a result, the farmers did not yield the expected yields per piece of land. Besides, farmers overutilized their support leading to wastages and thus, increased the cost of farming and, therefore, reduced profits, the overall value of these farming techniques increased environmental pollution, higher benefits, and higher risks. However, Supraratana has started changing all this. With what many are referring to as a novel of changing agriculture in Thailand, she aims to increase the efficiency of utilizing resources, reducing the risks to farming, improving the quality as well as the amount of produce, and reducing environmental pollution. Additionally, through the use of her platform in social media and as a daughter of a billionaire, she has been able to influence many farms to adopt technological techniques at a fantastic rate. She has successfully managed to inspire an entire industry despite enjoying the perks of being a billionaire's daughter and managed to maintain her status as a lifestyle influencer. She is a real-life wonder woman. 

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