Bacon Flavored Condom Could Make Porking More Fun and Safe

First Posted: Mar 30, 2013 02:54 PM EDT

If you're wanting a little more porking during a coitus sesh, now, you can have it all! According to recent news, a company is creating a bacon flavored condom. Yum!

J&D's, a company whose tagline is "everything should taste like bacon," tests that maxim with their latex condoms that have been coated in "baconlube," a water-based meat-flavored personal lubricant. They also promise "An even more hot pork experience." Who can beat that ad?

These days, it seems it's bacon flavored everything, from lip balms to tooth paste. People just can't get enough of their pork products. But bacon flavored condoms? Have they gone too far?

According to The New York Daily News, Condom wrappers are decorated in a ultra-realistic photo of bacon, and the condom itself is even printed with bacon pattern. It doesn't get more realistic than that!

As for some new consumers that might be skeptical about the product, J&D co-founder Justin Esch reassured first timers about the product in an interview with the Miami New Times, explaining that the company worked with the Food and Drug Administration to make sure it met with government regulations.

"The FDA is involved and there's a lot of testing that goes on," he said. "We could have made novelty condoms, but really, what fun is that?"

And, we have to agree. 

He also told the Huffington Post in a separate interview that the product doesn't feel like bacon. The company figured that bacon-textured condoms wouldn't be appealing to customers. 

As for everything else, looks like these guys are ready for take off. 

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