What Causes Blood Sugar Spikes?

First Posted: May 01, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

Blood sugar must be managed and controlled. Once the blood sugar spiked, it may lead to a condition known as diabetes, which is one of the chief diseases that kill millions of people all around the globe.

The increase in blood sugar that is referred to as hyperglycemia may also lead to various complications. In diabetes, the pancreas could not generate insulin to help the glucose, which is the main source of energy for the body, get into the body cells. The body also becomes resistant to the insulin. In this case, the glucose remains in the blood.

A person, who is diagnosed with diabetes, must keep his blood sugar levels in control. Medical News Today shares the following reasons why blood sugar levels spike:

  •  Diet/Food

Diet is very significant for diabetics. People that have diabetes must eat food with low GI carbohydrates. Low glycemic index (GI) must be under 55. Foods that have low GI are corn, barley and sweet potato, among others. The blood sugar will increase if in case people eat foods that are high in sugar or carbohydrates. These include foods with high in GI -- 70 or greater -- such as crackers, popcorn and bagels, among others.

Other foods that could heighten the blood sugar include white rice, pasta, highly processed or fried food and bananas. It is fine to eat fruit but it should be moderate, according to Web MD.

  •  Sleep

Lack of sleep could soar blood sugar levels. A study involving healthy adults indicates that their bodies' ability to break down glucose was about 40 percent lower when they were asked to sleep four hours each night for six days. Experts theorized that when people have good sleep, the nervous system slows down and the brain utilizes less blood sugar.

  •  Stress

Stress is one factor that could spike blood sugar. The body generates hormones that make it hard for the insulin to do its task. With this, the glucose remains in the blood. To combat this stress, it is essential for diabetics to meditate.

  •  Exercise

Sedentary lifestyle could add to an increase in blood sugar. Furthermore, major exercises that are difficult could trigger stress and may heighten blood glucose. Diabetics must perform moderate exercise regularly.

  •  Smoking

Smoking does not regulate blood sugar levels. It is very important not to smoke especially for diabetics.

  •  Medications

Some medications such as diuretics, some antidepressants, some blood pressure medications and corticosteroids could spike blood sugar levels. At the same time, missing a dose of insulin and consuming wrong dose could also trigger blood sugar spike. It is recommended that diabetics must inform their health care provider on taking any of these medicines.

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