SpaceX To Launch Cameras To Capture Virtual Reality Videos Of Outer Space

First Posted: Apr 17, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

The cosmic beauty of outer space is beyond the imagination of people living on Earth, and only a few chosen ones (astronauts) get the privilege to experience it. Most of these astronauts describe it as a life-changing experience. According to experts, being in space provides a whole new perspective toward the very existence of human beings. It is also an uplifting out-of-the-world experience that supposedly makes astronauts better human beings.

In an effort to bring this experience to common people, SpaceX is going to launch a set of cameras that can capture and transmit virtual reality videos of outer space. The program is aimed toward providing an opportunity to people who can never dream of being astronauts and to see their real place in the universe.

SpaceX has developed a thermos-like device, which is embedded with eight cameras (four at each end). These virtual reality cameras are designed to get a 360-degree view of outer space. SpaceVR is planning to launch the cameras by August, aboard a SpaceX rocket, The Tech Portal reported.

The cameras will be recording 2-3 hours of footage every month for a period of nine months. On the completion of this period, the device will fall back to Earth and get incinerated during re-entry. As far as the recorded footage is concerned, it will be transmitted to Earth via X and S band microwave radio transmissions. The recorded virtual reality video will be later distributed for general public viewing through selected VR headsets, according to Mashable.

Raising the required funding to complete the project was initiated through a kickstarter campaign that raised $100,000, which was considerable less than the expected cost of the project. Fortunately, SpaceVR's continued efforts managed to raise $1.25 million more required to accomplish the project. A major portion of the funding came from the Shanda Group from China. Additionally, HTC Vive also contributed a substantial sum for the project from its VR for impact fund -- a fund specifically dedicated for projects that will have a positive impact on the society.

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